Quick update;

  • Fixed two podcasts episodes both had repeated segments that have now been replaced with the missing / proper audio. The episodes are: A spiritual awakening viewed from the other side of the fence and How amazing you are and the special time you live in.
  • Have a big section of Glamour the discrepancies between men and women already written
  • Collating information for the next part of The Seven Densities Of Consciousness
  • More Autumn pictures..
  • A new post Conversations with a Shaman, is my recorded voice messages with Alberto the Shaman
  • Part 1 of the COVID podcast very soon.
  • The rest of this podcast may have to be broken into 30 min segments and published daily (theres about 3 hours worth).The reason for this is when I started recording the segments. I did not know how long I was going to talk on the subject so theres no natural break and I don’t think a full three hour podcast is listenable…

Thanks for reading


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