Q’uotes #14

And we say to each that the main service of each of you is the service of being yourself. For when you are most truly and deeply yourself, when your heart is open and vibrating in its fullness, you become a crystal capable of receiving energy, transmuting energy and releasing energy into the Earth’s sphere. Many of you from other planets have come here specifically to do this. It is a simple process. You breathe in. You breathe out. You allow the truth to flow through you.

Q’uo ( unknown)

3 thoughts on “Q’uotes #14

    1. Plough your own furrow and let the seeds behind you fall where they may!
      This is the message I had for you after reading your comment yesterday. To me it means you can’t do more at one time than what you are currently doing .
      Maybe it will mean something more to you… 🙏❤🌱


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