Baleke John – The Dimensional Thinker

Baleke John is someone I met though a one time friend’s social media channel. He became interested in my writing after reading a piece I’d written for the creator of this channel and explained to me enthusiastically, the he, himself was a writer too. He advised where his interests lay (notably meditation and higher states of consciousness), and after I’d sent him a few posts detailing a few experiences I’d had in mediation, that’s where the heat turned up. In his self-published book, Baleke recounts both his awakening and his experiences in meditation comparing, contrasting and making notes between his experiences recounted within his book and my blog posts of the same.

As Baleke’s first language is not English, it was a little hard to understand his terminology, but the more time I spent conversing with him, this barrier dissolved, I read (am still reading as of this date his book (Secret Loop) his book with sone interest and was, lime him able to find parallels in our experiences. It was just amazing to find someone else outside of my very small circle of spiritual friends who had somewhat similar experiences to myself, and someone from Uganda, Africa no less.

I was surprised to find that he had his own channel with a number of subscribers, and as he had already devoured posts and podcasts of mine and subscribed to my channels I felt in the interest of fairness and balance to subscribe to his channel. By my now dear friend wasn’t satisfied with this, such a place at the table was not to be had, instead for someone who he felt he could learn much from (I prefer an exchanging of ideals), he offered me the position of co-host or admin, stating I could post or address his subscribers in the manner I saw fit. This may sound trivial, but for me to be offered that level of trust was indeed an honour; and after some contemplation I accepted, and donned a new hat. And so I find myself juggling a new ball, attempting to keep it the air along with the rest wondering all the while how I got here.

But It give mes great delight and no small sense of pride to introduce my co-host and dear friend Balake John. Author of two self published book available on the Amazon Kindle Store here. With his own YouTube channel and obviously his Telegram channel of which I am now a part of: 9th Dimensional Thinker: Enlightenment and Awareness of the multidimensional aspects of reality. free and open to all dimensional thinkers!

2 thoughts on “Baleke John – The Dimensional Thinker

  1. Wow, I am greatly honored by your kind words dear friend. My prayers is that our service will forever be considered by the infinite creator as one which contributed to infinity.
    Thank you very much THEZENITH

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