If you were to understand your sovereignty, you would bow down to no man.

You would bow down to no queen, worship no king.

You would idolise no movie star, sports person or revere any so called star.

No politician would command your respect, no person of influence would have your ear!

No person of wealth or at the helm of global business would stand seemingly taller than you.

No person of any creed, domination, race, prowess, or might or beauty would have any more rights then you deserve to have!

And that is because all wo~men are equal under the sun. All breathe the air, exist in the same bodies and occupy the same planet as you do.

Each and all are beloved of the creator. For it was the divine creator itself that bestowed the gift of itself upon all the people’s not just of this planet, but throughout the cosmos of creation itself.

That you are a spark, and at the same time the fire from which the spark originated from, is a universal truth.

This is a lesson for all in attendance at the cosmic university. For those who understand this though seemingly god-like, are all to happy to wash and bathe the feet of the seemingly lowliest!

You are divine, you have power, you are amazing.. Peace!

The Zenith 2021

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