Podcast #23

Ulrika Karlsson & Susanna Silverhøj – Holy Fu*k And Sacred Water revisited. The Spirit Channel

Ulrika Karlsson & Susanna Silverhøj both guest to discuss the book they co-wrote together.Ulrika is a Feminine Leadership Coach, International Spiritual Teacher and Author, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, public speaker and trainer with of 28 years of Holistic experience. She's written two books and co-authored another.————————————————————Susanna is a transformational author of two books and co-authored another five. She's the co-host of the podcast Live The Impossible Show and co-creator of the website wholyland.me. She runs boot camps with tailored programs for individuals. She's a Intuitive Energy Seer, Futurist, Feminine Leadership coach along with many other titles.———————————————————–We dive deeper into the book they say they were divinely guided to co-author. We look at the history behind the book and they talk about their communications with each other during the writing process. We look at the over-arching themes of the book and what they hope to achieve by introducing the topics into the public consciousness.———————————————————–We take a look at some of Susanna's personal stories shared within the book and her growth from her acceptance and integration of them. We have a deeper discussion of the concept of the Holy Fu*k and more on Sacred Water. Due to depth of this book, and the information already shared in this interview, we agreed to stop the interview and return for a trilogy covering most of part three of the book.———————————————————-You can find and connect with both Ulrika and Susanna on their social media link below. A signed copy of the book can be purchased by contacting either author directly as all proceeds go directly to the authors.———————————————————(Ulrika)https://ulliskarlsson.com/https://www.facebook.com/people/Ulrika-Ullis-Karlsson/100000261784102/——————————————————-(joint site)https://reactivatedembodiment.com/—————————————————-(Susanna)https://www.livetheimpossible.today/https://www.facebook.com/silverhoj/https://www.frequencywonders.com/ (with contributions from Ulrika Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
  1. Ulrika Karlsson & Susanna Silverhøj – Holy Fu*k And Sacred Water revisited.
  2. With Margaret Agard – Emails From The Mission Field
  3. With Jennifer Passavant – Intuitive Energy healer, Channeler and Life Coach
  4. Holy Fu*k And Sacred Water with Ulrika Karlsson
  5. With Victoria Rader – Possibility Coach and Author

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