On Angels wings

I wa a star, an angel who descended to Earth. I shared with you my inner-ness, my soul, my light-love from the divinity. I gave this to you in innocence, niavey one might say.

Unaware was I humans upon the earth could not see, could not feel, did not have that connection with the Divine. Unaware was I that humans did not see the light that surrounds them at all times, most are willfully blind to it.

You took me and bound me. Tied back my wings and chained me to the ground. You abused and stained me. You took the light that I had to share and sullied it. The love that I offered freely was devoured hungrily without ever savouring it.

In all those days I looked longingly at the sky to the heavens above me and wondered upon my fall from grace. Your head never lifted from the ground, eyes ever downward, If only you would lift them up and behold the beauty and vibrance of the creation about you.

It was not to be, my flawed imperfect love, and in time, I grew beyond the captivity that limited me. These earthly shackles could no longer contain my radiance, I burned with a fiery essence that no rope or chain, nor cage, or shackle could contain. And once more a cycle ended and I took again my place midst the stars.

I remember fondly those times always for there is no anger, resentment, fear or revenge to be felt. These are concepts of limitation, separation, Earthly illusions, that vanish like the chimeras that they are; upon the falling of the heavenly love-light on one’s etheric being. I look upon you as the stray lamb that needed shepherded home.

It is with pity, sympathy that I gaze upon you, for you know not the errors of your ways, like a wild animal, you know no better. If you could but gaze upon the eternal light and feel the connection of love that binds all things, then my jilted lover, you would understand all things.

But such events are to be, and never will you behold the magnificence of the creation about you; until one day it occurs to you to lift your head from the doldrums, eyes upward, skyward and into the heavens, On that day you will perceive a star shining brightly as no other, so as to draw and affix your gaze. And as you wonder why it is that this star so captivates you, you will remember me, the true me as waves of realization wash upon you lifting the muddy barriers of forgetfulness that has defined your life upon the Earth.

As memories flood back into your awareness, guilt, remorse shame and unworthiness will assail you. But I shine my love-light upon you and draw your from your shell, re-ignighting that latent love-light within you. Its then you’ll come to realize how all things are so, all things have their purpose and that a darkening and removal of this unity of love only serves to strengthen the bonds between us and all who dwell in it. I take you into myself, like a babe, rocking you ever so gently in the cradle of my arms, until such time when its time to descend to the mortal world once more

featured image: SENSATION OF CRIMSON

4 thoughts on “On Angels wings

  1. Wow! Just yesterday I was trying to explain to someone that they need only ask for their help. I said, “Imagine being the Angel assigned to guide the human that just won’t see.” And I do wonder if they fret over us. Thank you this is beautiful ☺️

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