Seeking part 1

The Spirit Channel

Why do you feel it is necessary to attend a church to get into contact with your creator?
Why do you hand over your power to another so called priest or Chaplin and think that’s my duty done, responsibility for what happens in my life handed over to another who will take care of it!
No my friends, this is not the way! The way of the creator lies within you!!

Imagine if you will, a present deposited in your body somewhere, tied with a colourful bow. The only way to find this present is to seek within. How do you go about the seeking?

Is is simple my friends, you ask yourself some questions,,
Who am I?
Why am I here?
What is the purpose of my being here?
How do I find the creator within?
How do I Realise the creator within?
It has been said “seek and…

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