Seeking #12 17/10/21

You’ve already got the key, the greatest tool for spiritual growth and advancement. It is called love. Seek to understand love in its countless expressions, find different ways to know and manifest love.  This love is the map through the maze of life.

Many other ways, other techniques and practices will bring seekers so far in the maze but ultimately they find their path at an end, further progress blocked and stunted causing much confusion and bafflement as the key concept of love was not honoured.

Love my friends, is the path the leads directly back to the fount of all knowledge, the wellspring of all creation, the source itself. This path of love is slow and unhurried. Any path that offers the truest knowledge always is, but we find the story of tortoise and the hare most appropriate in this understanding.

Stick to the path of love friends, for love is a river flowing with desire for union with its source. Like one lost in woods, the following of the river leads to salvation.

In happiness, practice love

In sadness, practice love.

Let love fill your very being and let’s it’s light shine from within you. Imagine, if you will, the peacock that displays it beautiful plumage, dazzling and alluring to all who behold it. This is you my friends, be the peacock and shine and dazzle with the love and light that is yours to offer.

Find within yourself more and more of this light/ love, seek to have the biggest and brightest plumage you can muster. Devise ever more intricate patterns and weave these patterns about you, let the complexity of this enthrall and EnTrance those who would seek to know you better.

Even when faced by fear, let not this dampen your bouquet of radiance, let not fear wilt and shrivel your blooms. This my friends is all the more reason to allow the universal truth that is the language of love to flow. Flow forth and let burst through the truth of the Creator, so that it may be known to all, for the truth cannot be denied.

All is love my friends, all is love.

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