A car crash A haircut and Synchronizations

A story of how I met my salonist / hair Dresser. Last year around summer time, I went for a walk. It was a warm humid summer day and I took my traveling companion, (my dog) for a walk over some foothills. The entrance to these foothills are on a sloped road so you need to park your vehicle carefully.

Anyway, we went through the forest and up the muddy hills right up past the cliffs and onto the top of the plateau. It’s a great view over the city from the old fort that used to stand here, you can see 360 degrees for miles on a clear day.

After sightseeing and recovery from the steep incline, we started the journey back down the opposite way, careful not to slip or fall on the loose stones and soil that makes up the path to the bottom. As I said it was a warm, clear day and the excursion had provided my mind with a clearing of sorts and my body appreciated the exercise.

Yip I was feeling pretty good about things when my vehicle came back into sight…Except for that lady and child who were poking around my vehicle and who seemed to be on a call on her phone. Strange I wondered with some misapprehension. A few more steps and a lot closer, brought not apprehension, but a sense of alarm as I wondered why my vehicle was tight up against the rear of hers.

As I came closer she noticed me, and shouted over in a clear Hispanic accent” is this yours?” It was then it dawned on me what had happened. It wasn’t that her vehicle was pushed tight up against mine. Mine had Rolled backwards into hers!! In these split seconds every possibility entertained itself in my mind.

We exchanged details that day and left on good terms. I worried that her car manufacturer would rip her off for such a minor scrape. We kept in contact exchanging updates over the months and enquiring about each other. Eventually she got a price for just over $100 or around £100. I was delighted!!

It was another few months before I heard from her again, she had been waiting to get her car booked in for repair and this is what I thought when I seen her read message. It was (to my surprise) that she informed me that she had not only sold her car, but hadn’t fixed it and I owed her nothing. I was ecstatic!!!

It’s rare these days to meet someone as honest as she is and it was refreshing. She told me she was a hair stylist and if I ever needed a haircut to call and see her. I covertly got the address for her shop and sent her a bouquet of flowers as a token of gratitude. I also told her I was a spiritualist healer if she ever needed the service of one, it’s not something I often confide in people.

I actually had been wanting a haircut and I thought why not her? I really don’t know her, I have no idea if she’s a good hair stylist, but fate seems to be sending me her way, so what the heck! Eventually after much delay I got my haircut. I’m pleased to say it was the best haircut I’ve had in a long, long time. Not only did she style my unruly, overgrown mane, but I was pampered a lot that I’ve haven’t been in a long time and she took such gentle care of me.

We chatted about her life here, my spirituality amongst other things and had a chuckle about these subjects with her girl who was also working. She gave me a link to Brian Weiss, a psychotherapist and past life regressionist who’s books she’d read.

We embraced and hugged and I took a picture of her and I before I left with the promise to return again…

So this is a big shout out to the lovely, sunny Sonia, a great hair stylist and a beautiful person. My new stylist and hairdresser. This was a synchronicity I was more than happy to have💖



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