A strange symbol

Looking for some thoughts on what this symbol represents. I was preforming what’s known as a Destiny/ Soul Retrieval in a meditation and brought this and other symbols back with me. This is the only one I can remember. Its related to a healing ability. A Destiny/ Soul Retrieval is usually preformed by a trained Shaman. But I find the two terms can be different. A Soul Retrieval refers to the concept that a ‘piece’ of ones Soul has somehow become lost, cursed, apprehended by negative entities or a failure to wake up in life. The Shaman retrieves this ‘shard’ or clears the way for the client/ patient from the ‘upper worlds’ or astral planes and either the Shaman, or the patient reunites it with the ‘whole’. This is a very simplistic explanation and I’m not overly convinced by it.

On the other hand a Destiny Retrieval concerns the discovery of one highest path, goal or destiny that one came into this incarnation to achieve. Its also about reaching into possible futures or realities and retrieving the highest purpose that one can achieve in this earthly lifetime. It works in much the same way as before. The Shaman assists the client or patient in navigating the astral planes or alternate realities and either retrieves for the patient or shows the way to the highest goal, whereby the greater destiny is brought back into this physical reality and the person can start working to achieve that destiny.

I’ve had a Soul/ Destiny retrieval session with a trained Shaman, and I’ve preformed it upon myself. Both experiences were different. The first experience with the shaman, I witnessed or retrieved my highest destiny, the second time I brought back spiritual gifts, represented by symbols.

The closest I’ve come to matching this symbol is the Karuna Reki symbol which is associated with healing. This does seem to be a very close match, but I do wonder if there is another significance or deeper meaning. A friend has suggested it could have a dualistic purpose if one considers the two circles in the above image…

To be honest, I’ve yet to look deeply into the description of this symbol, so it very well could be this.. Any thoughts upon this would be most, ahem illuminating…

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