Podcast #21 – The current spiritual changes in the world, where its all leading too and how to prepare for it.

Podcast 21.

21 symbolizing adulthood from childhood. the 21st century of the world also sees the Earth move into adulthood. This is a big episode not only in length, but in subject matter. So its appropriate and probably no accident that this is the twenty first podcast. It was inspired by an innocent conversation with a friend. But it has been expanded form that. A lot of it has been what I’ve been building to in these series of podcasts. Form understanding spirituality, to learning about the awakening process, to developing your burgeoning spiritual development through the knowledge of the energy centres or chakras and the use of meditation. The topics of will and faith, concepts of Karma and catalyst and knowing what your feelings are trying to tell you. This is all leading to the next stage of the spiritual development of the earth and its inhabitants, who’s ready for it???



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