Messages between the veil

I just thought I’d share this with you all. It’s a snippet of an email conversion I had with the team at This is the team responsible for the channeling of the messages from the Confederation of Planets in the service of the One Infinite Creator for past fifty years

I had been attempting to contact them for many months via email and also via their sister site to post a question for their podcast. My question disappeared from the website, my login credentials would not work and any emails sent went unanswered..

My alternative reason for contacting them was that I felt I had information to share with them on the late Carla L Rueckert, channel for the Ra contact, and various Confederation entities (along with many other talents). In a deep meditation and trance state, Carla came into my vibration or Auric field and gave me a message to share. I perhaps thought that I had somehow offended them with my line of questioning, that it didn’t abide by the guidelines, or that the information I wished to share was somehow a ruse to promote my website..

Many months passed and I thought I would try again explaining that I had been trying to contact them with information to share, I was genuine, andthat we had previous contact – Nothing… Extremely dismayed I felt that I was being ignored, no other avenue to contact them was available, so I dropped the matter once again for many months..

After a while with this still nagging at my conscience, I gave one last short email from the heart and said if I didn’t get a response, then I would take it as a sign, it wasn’t meant to be… Again – Nothing……

That was the last I heard until I felt the urge to give one more attempt stating that I had no confidence that I would get a reply. I tried not to sound snarky in this email, but I felt very sceptical about the success of a reply. I posted what I wanted to say and immediately forgot about it…

To my surprise I got a response!!! And a further reply and have now posted a different question to ask Q’uo. I am delighted that after all this time (January) and perseverance, to finally know that they are just as baffled as me as to why none of my emails or podcast questions ever reached them. Even more, I received vindication or confirmation that this indeed felt and sounded exactly like Carla and they were very pleased to receive it . So I think it’s a beautiful story that really can lift your spirits ( pun intended) and I hope you liked it

Much Love TheZenith🙏❤️🤗

Here is the message I wrote down ( spelling mistakes included 🙂 right after I exited that trance state. I really did feel like crying even in the Trance state, so much so that my eyes filled up!

The last email I sent before receiving that wonderful reply. I’ve left out some of the message as it concerns the question for the podcast. Can’t even spell my own name properly at the end lol!

The response about the lost emails…

The confirmation concerning the message from Carla…

My reply back stating my relief at the contact after all this time. I then went on to explain in detail what it was I was interested in and finally was looking a bit more verification of the information I sent in regarding Carla.

Haven’t any reason, Damm you! Lol. So yes was really nice to get this confirmed as much as I can.

5 thoughts on “Messages between the veil

  1. I was watching Jim McCurty being interviewed awhile back…as he spoke of Carla the most beautiful slow moving orb of energy forms over his shoulder. I was like, dang that Carla has her timing :). I’m so glad your message got through, no doubt negative greeters getting in your cyber way. Blessings!

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    1. I never considered that Sonia negative greeters. It makes sense now. They are insidious beyond belief having experience of them. Love the referral to Ra on your latest post💖🙏


      1. The Law of One is my Awakening…but its been 6 years plus trying to figure out what the heck Ra is saying, lol. In your case though your guides must’ve been nudging you to give it one more try so they could get past the bad guys. The more on target you are the more they are after you Zenith…you are definitely over target 🙂

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