A statement of intent

This prayer comes from the heart, for when we operate from our heart centres, words flow easily.  A prayer is a way of asking for something, for something to manifest in the physical world, but when we offer a prayer from the heart we are asking with love…

Love is the only constant in the universe, in creation itself so when ask with love from the heart we are asking with the force of our divine Creator itself.

They can be no more powerful thought than an offering and asking of love. We may think that our request does not contain love, but love is all there is. It permeates everything, every action we do, every word we speak, every thought we have, love is contained in all.

And it is so when we offer our prayer from the heart, this is the clearest, most beautiful, most ripe of all love as when we speak from the heart, all illusions of ego, of mind, of body are ripped and torn away like layers of grime and dirt to reveal the beauty and light within..

This shining centre is the true heart of our being, it is the perfect us, the soul or spirit that hides beneath the suit of flesh that it dresses in.

But we as humans mistake that suit or dress, the outer garment as the real us, forgetting all too often the light within.

It is through the offering of love with a prayer from the heart, that this shining centre of radiant light burns brightly, and it burns brightest upon realizing; that what we have to offer in return for the realisation of our prayer, is the only thing that matters, the only thing that we have to offer, love…

We tend to think that love does not matter, it’s a trivial thing, an inconsequential thing to offer, because we don’t understand the true value and power of love.

But if we only close our eyes and shut out any thoughts save the thought of love and wonder, how much love we would and could offer, as payment (if you like), for the acceptance of our request from our prayer; then this love increases and magnifies, reaching eddy heights within us that we never knew were possible. Until we find our hearts beating wildly and throwing bouquets of love in each and every direction to those who would hear our prayer. To the very creator itself who is lock step beside us at all times.

And with this comes a realization, an epiphany even, that this love was there all along like our shining centre beneath our set of clothes. All it took was a thought, a moment to commune, a moment of quiet, a moment to reach out to those who sit by and watch over constantly, longing to be called upon, to be ‘tagged in’. Any yet how much thought do we give those when we go about our daily days with our lists of things to do of importance!!!

We only offer a thought in their direction when we need something, we throw them a bone, a mere token of our love which is reserved for apparatus that we surround ourselves in constantly. . Never an appreciation for the gentle touch that inspires us, the guiding of our journey down the right route, the safe path. The sweet dreams that we have, the chance discovery of that lucky coin. For all the insight, aid gifts and tips that are offered constantly..

Any yet, still it doesn’t matter, our unrequited love does not change this truth. For this is what unconditional love truly is, to offer love with no conditions attached. To offer love that does not falter, does not ebb, does not pull up like a horse at a fence, when that person has an action not based in love...

To feel this sort of love cannot be explained in words, it has to be felt, experienced, but be assured it is there at all times, it only has to be tuned into.

How does one do this? Very simply, open your heart and offer this love back. For as the pendulum swings one way, so it must swing back. “Ask and ye shall receive.” It is written. Offer love and ask to receive. And so it shall be, magnified many times over…

So with this in mind, let your next prayer, your communion, be not a receiving but a giving, a Thanksgiving. For it all begins and ends in love …


I wrote this ‘live’ all in one go for a Telegram channel I am co-hosting (if that’s the term). It was a new experience for me and I wasn’t sure if it would be successful or not. I’ll let you be the judge of that. As Always I give thanks and recognition to my spiritual team who work with me, who offered the words needed when I had none..

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