A conversation

A friend of mine very recently asked me an innocent question. How was I? Here was my reply (which which was not intended) a when I start to write a reply to someone, it can take on a life of its own. …

Yes I have found September a very practical month, with lots and lots of events to respond to and resolve. It had also been a very hard financial and balancing month with both earthly matters and spiritual matters to balance out. Many energy shifts have taken place and we don’t always realize what has happened or have the awareness of what is taking place.

 A lot of things are rising and being brought to the surface in our psyche and bodies as we cast off old behavioural patterns, unneeded character traits, lower vibrational frequencies such as food and beverages. Old interests such as sports, politics and television programs are no longer captivating people any more. They are seeking and searching for a different experience, more meaning to life.

 People are fed up and tired of giving their labour, a lifetime of servitude for what amounts to be a pittance. I can feel this of you too. You wish to expand, be free to be who you are realizing you can be, you have dreams and thoughts that you have more to offer this world, and yet you are trapped like so many of us by a monetary system that was rigged from the start. It’s frustrating. 

But you are one of the lucky ones, you are awake and aware of the truth. That this world is but a great dream. Many, if not most have no idea of these concepts, they have no idea why they are feeling like they are and don’t know what to do about it or who to open up too; so instead they go to their doctors and psychiatrists and are prescribed ‘mood stabilizers’ so they can blend back in again with the masses and stop sticking out. Either this, or they reprimand themselves for feeling odd and suppress their feelings and errant thoughts and carry on being a productive member of society….

And yet when they meet someone who can tell them exactly why they are the way they are, that’s IF they ask of their own free will, it hits a nerve, strikes a chord, an understanding begins to take place on a deeper level and they begin to stir from their long slumbers. An awakening has begun…

So as frustrating as it can be in this process that we all are in, we have to be like surfers. And ride the waves… I particularly like a term I heard when dealing with these shifts, ‘This ain’t my first rodeo’. It’s tough at times even when you are aware of what’s taking place, but it’s necessary and you exit the process more refined and battle hardened.  

Despite what a lot of people claim, not everyone will make it or graduate when the judges mark their cards. It’s a lot like qualifying for the Olympics only those who are committed and dedicated and prepared to go the distance in training with an open heart will get the opportunity to move on. This is why it is vital to put your own house in order so to speak right now.

Anyone who doubts this only needs to think of the world and the people within it presently. Better yet open your door and look at your neighborhood. How many of the people that you see are still operating in the 3rd dimensional way of thinking? Still in the old ways of materialism and worldly goods? Panic buying over household essentials, fake fuel shortages, masked in open air with an aversion to other people?

How can they when they are still stuck in the ‘sinkhole of indifference. The polarise one way then they polarize the other way. They do a good deed then wipe it away with a self serving action..The people who sit right at the front of their religious place of worship, sing the loudest, pray the most fervently, bow and almost kiss the feet of their rabbi, their priest, their imam? And yet slander their neighbour, abuse their partners, and curse the world for dealing them an unfair hand.  It’s all a facade don’t you see? 

Declaring these so-called holy men a figure of authority over their lives, yet They don’t realise that everyone is a priest, everyone has the same power and divine authority to bless and forgive to turn holy whatever they turn their hands and words to.

Religious holy men have not been blessed nor ordained by the Divine, they have been blessed and ordained by another man.. I see no women in positions of power representing these organisations. It’s an ‘old boys club’. And in asking to be blessed, to be forgiven, to be anointed, you are simply giving away what’s already yours and thanking and praising when it’s returned to you.. crazy…

At a certain point in one’s journey back to unity with the source/ creator/G’D, your consciousness in your light body or spirit evolves enough to make its own choices about its next incarnation into a physical body. This is operating from the yellow to green chakras. Before that the state of consciousness is orange to yellow… This is a form of animalistic consciousness or a lower state of being that hasn’t developed the higher faculties needed to make their own conscious incarnation and instead have the higher self control this process for them…

As of 1980 (ish) approximately 60% to 80% of the population in this planet were still operating in the lower orange/ yellow chakra level.  Little better than animals who we think we are so superior too. Let that sink in 60 to 80%.. You can only help and guide those who wish to know and not remain willfully ignorant. These are the same people who would laugh and jest over your crazy beliefs and practices.. if only they knew, the truth if only they knew….

**Thanks to Baleke John @ 9th Dimensional Thinker for inspiring this conversation**

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