Podcast 20 – The illusion of the passage of time In life and how nature provides solutions


An odd podcast that was recorded the previous night when I was trying to detox myself in nature. I ended up discussing the very thing I was trying to escape from. I talk about the seeming lack of time in our busy, fast-paced modern life full of distractions to the spiritual seeker and how social media can become a bane on our lives. The opposite of this and the solution is to spend time in nature, This is where time seems to slow down and come to a standstill. But its a revival and renewal of the mind. body. spirit. Nature provides detachment from the anarchy of the modern world and allows us to re-connect with Spirit and source/ The Creator.
Please don’t be put off by the lack of polish,this was recorded in nature itself at dusk, a time when magic happens, there is an important message contained within🙏

Now available on Stitcher.com

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