Rising Above Earthly Desires – Light of Astrology & Mystical Seeking


Lord, many times we aspire towards you and desire spiritual and divine things.  But even though our intentions may be good, we nevertheless fall back towards our old tendencies and desires.But please don’t judge us too harshly, Lord.

You are infinite love, goodness, and compassion.  You do not need to judge us because that is not part of your essence. We cannot help it sometimes.  We have accumulated such habits over countless eons, and we oscillate between trying to reach divinity and going back to our earthly attachments.

However, our desires to aspire towards You are still there.  We thirst for spiritual things. We crave divine love.  That is why we acquire deep attachments to earthly loves, because deep in our hearts there is a divine yearning for You, my Lord.  We confuse that yearning we have thinking earthly things will satisfy it.  But You are the only one who can satisfy the deep yearnings of our hearts.

We need to first rise above our earthly attachments before we can reach you, Lord. And we are so bound it is very difficult for us sometimes.  But in your eyes our efforts never go unnoticed. Not one spiritual effort gets lost in our soul, and these efforts accumulate over time.Eventually, our spiritual efforts and desires reach the same intensity as our earthly attachments. And that is when we oscillate the strongest. There is a push-pull between our desire for divine things and our fetters of earthly attachments.

But finally, Lord, we break those bonds. We intensify our love for You, and You become our One Goal in this life. There is no effort in that. It is a habit that has become ingrained in us through our spiritual efforts.

We eventually reach a point in which all we want and desire is You, oh God.

That is because during our efforts You give us a taste of Yourself. And that taste is the sweetest thing, it doesn’t compare to anything here on Earth. When we get a taste of You, of Divine things there is no going back.

We want more. That is when our desires easily rise above earthly matters and finally rest on Divine Aspirations.

That is when we are only content to be in You, Lord.

*Reposted without permission*

Dear Monica, please reach out, let us know that you still inhabit this Earth plane. Your light that shone so bright is lessened in your absence. I await your participation in the calling as agreed – TheZenith

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