The Incredible Story of Terrence and his Artefacts

This is Terrance. Terrence is a shy introvert who I’ve had the privilege and honour of making his acquaintance. The first thing to to note is that I only know Terrance from my day to day and as I came more into contact with him, he invited me to view his apartment (the only person outside of close relatives, a real privilege). As you can see from the clips I recorded, its a visual feast! Terrence collects paintings and sketches from famous artists (usually at a fraction of the price that they’re worth. He also has antiques from the Roman age and relics that date back to Babylonian times. In addition to marvelous Russian icons, he also has in his possession some astonishing artifacts containing near mythical fragments of Christian religious figures. Believe their authenticity or not, I’ve been very fortunate to have been blessed with some of them on, very important dates and I recognize the power in that! Some of my spiritual friends have remarked on the use of Psychometry on these Artefacts, but A: I have never got to hold them and B: I’m not sure that what such a reading would bring up, i.e. recent contact or spanning back thousands of years.

** Disclaimer: This story is not 100% percent factually correct, some of the events, places and people may be wrong or inaccurate. Some of the timeline may be wrong or jumbled. I am recalling this from memory as I don’t see Terrance now. **

A little bit of Terrence’s history. He is descended from nobility. Terrence worked in  Christie’s, London. Christies is ‘the world’s oldest fine art auctioneer‘ ( from the webpage), there he learnt the value of Art and Collectables.  At some point in his early adult life he Emigrated to Algiers in Algeria. There he lived in mansion on top of a hill overlooking the capital city which was now home. In his own words, he dined with people of the same class as he, nobility and white English nobility (non-one else), kept servants who obeyed his every whim and generally liked a life straight from the 19th century. Invitations were send or offered in person (they kept no telephones despite the outside world moving into the 21st century) to each privileged party for afternoon tea and main meal dining in the evening. Servants would chauffeur each friend or acquaintance to the inviting party’s residence for lunch around 3pm to 5pm and later for evening meal perhaps around 11pm with proceedings not finishing into the early hours of the following day. Servants were expected to wait the whole time.

Guests would be seated according to rank and if anyone took offence to the seating arrangement or some other slight, then they would take their dining plate (presumably empty) and turn it upside down on the table!!!!!! This may seem humorous, laughable or just plain stupid to us, but apparently this was a huge insult and embarrassment to the host. On one occasion Terrance recalled, a Lady friend who was in attendance to one of these ‘dinner parties’ and the host had seated her to his right, she turned her plate over and refused to speak to the host. She had expected to be seated at the other head of the table. 

They never spoke again after that. An exception to this closed group was royalty or nobility of Algeria visited and they would dine in the palace. but even local royalty / nobility was still considered inferior to their European heritage.  Terrance makes no excuses for this, “It was a different way of life” he says, “you’ve got to understand, we had no real idea of current events, we were living a lifestyle a hundred years in the past…”

Flash forward and Terrence has now converted to a Russian Orthodox Christian. Not only that but he had been ordained and is now a Russian Orthodox Priest. Times were getting hard for Christians in the capital with the rise of Islam, Islamists in positions of power e.g. governmental seats and a move to demolish Christian sites to make way for new buildings. Terrance states that in order to stop his parish church being demolished, he chained himself to the entrance for days only unchaining himself when law enforcement agreed to let his church stand.

It was not long after this that Terrence realized that his days and that of the rest of his clique were numbered in Algeria, certainly in regards to practicing their faith and perhaps leading their lavish lifestyles. He decided to return to the United Kingdom, The only problem was that the laws of Algeria at that time prohibited the export of wealth from the country, allowing only a tiny amount at a time, so Terrance did like any wealthy citizen fleeing the country would… he turned to the black market and illegally smuggled his wealth out! And in doing so ended up back home here I eventually met him. His friends, somewhat older than him, refused to accept the inevitable, and remained, trapped with all their wealth.. 

Fast forward eighteen months later and I have seen Terrance once. He has not left his home in all that time. He isn’t bothered by this as he does not like to venture out into a world of ‘depravity’ and ‘decadence’ . When he did venture out, it was for a meal which he had a tendency to order in French (a leftover habit from his Algiers days). Terrence also describes himself as an empath, which I guess is uncommon for someone who is a devout orthodox Christian; its another reason why he doesn’t venture out, he picks up on too many negative vibrations. He also does not like to be filmed, hence why he does not appear fully in the videos.. He has not contracted COVID as he had a cocktail lof poisonous ingredients to end it all in the eventuality that he did contract it, so that’s positive news. Perhaps at some point in the future I will be his guest once more, regaled by tales of his life and film in better quality, some more fabulous relics and artefacts…

Watch the full collection on my Youtube channel

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