My life, a screenshot presently

I haven’t really posted anything original in what must be about a week, no podcast either. Just to give you a snapshot into my current life. I have a day to day job I do to pay the bills. Although it’s not quite as mundane as that. I find that interacting with the same people affords me some confidentiality. It also affords me time to listen to anything of interest I’ve downloaded the previous day.

People seem to open up to me and tell me their problems and worries. Just the other day a lady broke down in tears in front of me. She’s going through a divorce ( which I already know) but it’s gotten very rough for her and she could only apologise for unburdening herself to me, a relative stranger…

This is not uncommon, but what it does is allow me to offer healing for them or their situation. I’m part of a group that offers and gives Spiritual Healing. By this stage, people are looking for anything that may potentially help their situation.

In most cases the healing sent (absent healing it’s called as the person isn’t physically there) has a positive effect on the person or their situation.

Another recent request/ offering was the case of a young child who had been knocked down by a drunken driver. The child was in a coma, and the prognosis was uncertain. The lady who told me about this was offered healing for the child. The next week, the child opened her eyes much to the  joy of her parents who had previously been in the depths of despair

Which brings me to my next point. My centre or church had opened its doors again for public healing. This was a big decision for me to re-attend as masks need to be worn inside the premises.  I do not believe in the efficacy of masks for preventing COVID-19  (or any other infection of this nature). Further I worked all throughout the so called Pandemic constantly in contact with the public and never caught COVID-19.

So this was a big decision. But ultimately, when I saw the people who were in desperate need of healing, I thought perhaps I need to sacrifice my beliefs for the greater good. So besides a night performing healing, I also spend an evening in a Trance circle and a night in a medium-ship/ psychic awareness class.

I’ve also joined a zoom group on a Tuesday but I don’t think it’s for me, connecting consciousness for anyone interested. Lately, I’ve found that most of my time is spent communicating with people I’ve met on digital travels. I’m in various groups and have various conversations in Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp and never mind emails…

Sometimes these conversations read like an essay. So after this I have this blog and various other social media like the Podcast. I’ve been working on a post for about a week but that also includes YouTube videos that need to be converted and made accessible to fit this post. This all takes time…

Somewhere in all this, I try to squeeze in a normal like life with its commitments, and at the very end of this, Self-development various books that need to be caught up on and blessed mediation. This is the most important aspect of spiritual development, and yet it gets pushed aside for all the other less important stuff.

None of this has come easily. I’ve had to go through great trauma to get here, my future is lived in blind faith alone trusting in messages whose veracity I doubt constantly. And yet I have nothing else to cling to, even as I realize that these life events are necessary to wake me up and help detach me from the illusion, or world of Maya that lies before me. Everything that I now do is dedicated towards helping others in their journey. It’s a Mõbius loop, or the Ouroboros snake. The more I develop myself, the more I’m able to serve others. The more I serve others, the better it helps me develop…

So in short, forgive me if I take a break from all this once in a while, so posting confusingly m constantly, and attempt to lead a normal life by blending in with the rest of the humanity….

The Zenith

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