Q’uotes #4

The people of this planet at this time are almost all children, in a spiritual sense. Most of them are not at this time seeking spiritual growth. This is very important, if an individual is to rapidly grow, spiritually…However, some of us are growing much more rapidly than others. The reason for this growth is simply that these are the ones that are seeking.Look about you, upon your planet.

There are many conscious beings, in many forms of life. There are the animals, and birds, and the fish, and man on Earth. And each has a state of higher awareness. But it seems that man has the higher state of awareness. And yet we tell you that this awareness is very minimal. And the awareness of man on Earth can be raised to an awareness that he would consider godlike………

We will not attempt to confuse those whom we wish to aid with complex lectures on various problems and concepts. We will simply give to them the simplest of the Creator’s ideas. For, my friends, His ideas are not complex. It is man, especially man on Earth, who has made a complex set of rules and conditions for spirituality.

Voices Of The Conferation Chapter 6: Entering The Silence

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