M83 Trilogy

**Part of the Truth disguised as fiction series**

In the first video, we see these children demonstrate these abilities in what seems to be a school (or controlled environment at least). Its not long before they escape using said abilities with their captors(?) hot on their heels. The video ends with the group on a roof top looking over the city with glowing eyes. In the Law Of One channellings Ra, the entity channelled, calls people or entities like this i.e. displaying PSI abilities such as telekinesis, ‘Dual Bodied’ (see here and here). By this they mean that people such as these have both 3rd density (normal human) and 4th density (evolved human) bodies dually activated (read my Seven Densities of Consciousness series in the main menu for an introduction into these concepts).

A summary – the Earth itself has moved into 4th density, it is capable of supporting both standard and evolved human types. The more it moves into 4th density (think the crescent moon to full moon) the more 3rd density bodies will wane and 4th density forms will wax. These ‘hybrids’ have both body type and consciousness.

The Second video shows the kids from the first video on the run, being pursued by their captors (?) who begin to look like an intelligence agency of some sort. One of the children appears to depart from her physical body and is left behind. We see they are being tracked or monitored by another child (named Apollonia) who is under the control of said intelligence agency. Eventually both the captive child and other children confront each other and use their PSI abilities to subdue each other, with the ‘good’ children victorious. This video ends with Apollonia breaking free from her ‘conditioning’ and the other children gathering together and departing from their physical bodies and preparing for ascension/ a higher vibration.

Both this video and the first imply that various experiments are being conducted with /on children with advanced abilities by either a private group or some sort of intelligence agency. This mirrors the real life experiments conducted by the CIA, KGB, Chinese intelligence agencies (amongst others) and what has been declassified is probably the tip of the iceberg.

This final video shows the children who left Earth either in a dream state or asleep, travelling throughout space in a pyramid shaped ‘craft’. Apollonia wanders throughout a city while chaos and violence surround her. Multiple nuclear explosions take place around the Earth disturbing the dreaming kids in the pyramid craft. Very stylized, artistic scenes take place leaving the viewer to interpret what’s happening. For me this video suggests that the world is in chaos and needs to be wiped out for it to be remade. Apollonia, still on the planet appears to be the catalyst for this, playing a part in the explosions of the earth, donning a robe like a messiah and walking the desert. In the end she somehow causes the other kids in the craft to reverse their journey, come back, and crash on Earth.

The directors state that this video has a very spiritual aspect. Also that Apollonia preserves the last drop of water on the earth over thousands of years.; and in that time she “transforms… goes into another state” They speak about how the video is “about reaching another state of consciousness” They speak about ‘cycles’, ending and beginning anew. I think these directors know more than they’re letting on!

We have the concept of Starseeds. People who are not native to the planet Earth, who originate from other planets and systems in the galaxy who are scientifically and spiritually more advanced than the human race but who have chosen to incarnate on Earth to help humanity to the next level. What is that next level? The directors also speak of ‘cycles’, ending and beginning, This is interesting. Cycles refer to the period of time the Earth is now in. We are leaving the old 3D or Third Density behind and entering into the new golden age of 5D or Forth Density. There are three cycles of 25,000 years in third density according to Ra, the last cycle (the master cycle) is when the planet moves into the new vibration/density/dimension.

So as you can see, there a lot of parallels with ‘real life’ / spiritual information here and I think its no accident. I believe the directors intended to send a message, especially when they state that you could say its “A Wake-up call.” Anyway that’s my thoughts on these videos, what do you think? do you agree? do you have a different opinion? Drop me comment!!

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