At the water’s edge I stand and gaze out at the vast expanse of water named an ocean. Two feet nestled  amid the sand, the light wind whips the sand grains mildly stinging my eyes as I try to look to the horizon.

There is no noise save the gentle rhythm of the tide as it ebbs and flows, little waves breaking against the shore. I try to gather my thoughts into a coherent pattern to ponder why it is that I’m here now. l close my eyes…

Surrounded by so many people yet I feel all alone. A thousand words upon a thousand words I speak, they hang briefly, etched into the air, but soon after they melt away, they have no lasting impact, no sustenance to offer.

Photo by Nati Life from Pexels

I need more, more than the polite hello’s and good-bye’s, more than the shallow conversation that serves most other people’s appetite. I need something deeper, more than words have to offer.

Shutting out and closing the heavy creaking doors on all else, I listen to the non-ceasing beat of my heart. Boom, boom, boom! A steady beat it seems to go, akin to someone striking a great cymbal with great power and regularity. An age-old Kodo drummer blind to all else save the rhythm lashed out upon the skin of their vast drum.

I take this heartbeat and send it forth out across the waves of the ocean in front of me, a proverbial message in a bottle waiting to be found. It starts first as a pebble, skimmed upon the wave crests, but it morphs, mutates, mimicking a virus, finally transforming into a current that expands and spreads turning the water a metaphysical crimson.

The heart, a generator, each beat a piston, pumping energy into this newly formed field of Consciousness; this organic sentinel waits…..

After a time unknown, the heart that is searching is joined by another. Another, another like me, throughout the multitudes, the vast array of grey painted people, I have found another, another who sings from the heart. Someone, somewhere across this vast ocean knows my heart.

Our rhythms, out of sync at first, swiftly unify until there is but one heart beat. Two energy signatures, weaving and spiraling, a double helix in the metaphysical world. We share everything about each other by feeling alone, and it is joyous. Nature blesses this union: flowers blossom, Sun-rays shine more intensely and birds warble out a song of love. I am not alone, a connection has been made.

Picture by Ashiphire @ DeviantArt

But I know this heart, not by sight, not by its sound nor by the feel of its beat. But on a deeper level, an instinctive, intuitive level, I know you, I’ve known you my entire life and many lives before that. I recognize you by the love contained within. We are but old souls dancing the same dance and playing the same game of life.

After a time, our melody is joined by another, then shortly after, by another, and again another, and another again…

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