Q’uotes #2

February 13, 1974

Your people on this planet seek many things. However, they seek these things in what we would consider to be a very strange way. They seek the result of their desires almost exclusively within what they know as the physical illusion that they now enjoy.

Since they are unable to experience in their waking state anything but this physical illusion, they then think that this is all that exists, and they attempt to find expression of their desires strictly within this illusion.

This results in the fulfillment of false desires. The people who fulfill these false desires wonder why, having fulfilled them, they do not find happiness. This has been demonstrated upon your planet many times, but little heed has been taken of it.

The desires still remain very strong, and the people about you strive with much energy to fulfill them.
Having fulfilled them they then, as I have said, wonder. They wonder why they still have desires, for as soon as they have fulfilled one, they have generated another.

Voices of the confederation Chapter 6: Entering the Silence

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