A mediation 18/08/21

To get a glimpse into infinity into the infinite, to sit very briefly in its place and to have that insight, that momentary state of unified Consciousness where realization dawns that you are both you, and you are both infinity, the divine itself. You created all of this, creation, to experience it, all of it in its entirety! What a shock, what a revelation! Not just to have knowledge of this concept, but to understand it, to experience it as an undeniable truth

If you can imagine seeing each galaxy as pure light waves seeing not only the galaxy in its entirety, but seeing or experiencing each individuated spark of conciousness that resides within that galaxy, those uncountable life forms and sentient beings experienced simultaneously…

To understand that this state of consciousness and that of say a ladybird, are both one and the same, there ultimately is no difference between the two. What an epiphany!

This is the state of awareness that those past masters attained, those great yogis, monks and Zen masters of the East have attuned their vibration to during techniques such as Kriya Yoga, meditation and Pranayama breathing.

This state of realization was obtained by Yeshua or Jesus the Christ, this is what he implied what m when he spoke the words “I and my Father, We are One.” “My Father is in me and I in my Father.” this is the consciousness of the Christ, Krishna Consciousness..

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