Ah, quick and painful catalyst, how you enter my life and draw daggers about me causing me to bleed in a thousand places

Your touch, how it stings and singes, burns my endings and causes me to be drawn back into myself. You offer me the kiss of metaphysical death, you rain blow after blow upon my emotions, leaving me feeling like a spurned lover.

Why does it have to be this way? Too much I feel your vice-like grip on my sensitive feelings. Barbed wire is drawn unendingly, unceasingly through my heart.

The lessons you offer, the experiences undergone, painfully meted out. Lord, let this cup pass from my lips, I confess my fragility and weaknesses in the face of this death by a thousand cuts. If not this, then grant me strength in my Garden of Gethsemane moment.

In my semi lucid dream, I sit around the campfire with those masters who are ascended, we reflect on the pains and trauma’s endured within the incarnation. They tell me, I too will reflect on a lifetime of trauma and pain when I no longer inhabit the physical. This is said with great depth of feeling and compassion and an arm on my shoulder.

Accept the catalyst offered to the mind.
Rest & recovery.
Discover the latent Buddhahood within yourself!

In the year of our lord 2021

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