A gift..

All I have to offer you is my love, imperfect as it is, flawed as it is, it is mine to offer and it is with great reverence and affection that I do offer it to you dear reader.

Each beat of my heart sends out waves of love into this world for all to partake and receive it they so wish to.

May you come to know the sacramental nature of this gift and feel the power and majesty of the universal language of this love.

Feel those bands and waves of love crash up against your heart, breaking down, washing away those carefully constructed barriers you have erected around yourself, feel the calling and desire to travel and ride those waves of love.

Further and further will your travel take you backwards along the emitted surges of love. Can you hear my heart beat this love, as a drum beats out a constant rhythm, drawing you into a somnambulistic state.

Accept the invitation to enter my heart, the door is always open, enter and find unity with all things and a return to oneness…

in the year of our lord 2021

Image from Pexels.com

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