Truth hidden and disguised as fiction in popular media

This post concerns a series of yet to be written posts concerning spiritual truths hidden in popular media, published as fiction. It is my contention that a lot of inspiration for various media comes from higher sources that are trying to impress various truths upon us even if the author/s of said media  don’t recognize / believe where their inspiration comes from.

Here’s the thing, if you’ve never practiced spirit communication, if you’ve never understood, that the feeling you that comes over you when wondering, or debating about an issue (or even a path to take); is a confirmation from your team in the non-physical or your higher self that you are on the right path that the fever that comes over you to write, record or compose is spiritual guidance, or to separate and recognize your own thoughts form those who work with you (in the non-material, then you’ll think all ideas stem from your own mind, ID or ego.

And so it is with a lot of inspired works in earths history, even scientific advancements or great philosophical concepts have come form guidance and thought forms give and placed into people we consider to be scientific genuis’ or great thinkers. Nikola Tesla credited his advanced knowledge and inventions to a higher power than himself

The famous Philosopher Socrates contended that he had a Damion that guided him and advised him in what he should say and do, and what he should say and not do…

Further to this, when Questioned, Ra, confirmed that the work Oahspe, was transmitted by non-physical sources by the confederation of light. How many countless other examples must be out there in our world and societies? Ra, once again when questioned confirms that the Star Wars films are based upon truth there is a great galactic battle between positive and negative forces that has been ongoing for millenia !

Questioner: You mentioned the word “Empire” in relation to the Orion group. I have thought for some time that the movie Star Wars was somehow an allegory, in part, for what is actually happening. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct in the same way that a simple children’s story is an allegory for physical/philosophical/social complex distortion/understanding.

The law Of One 16:10

Other quick examples are some of Stanley Kubrick’s films such as 2001 (a claim made by david Wilcock in his Book The Ascension Mysteries ) and Eyes Wide Shut.

I’ve also written about how the television series Twin Peaks directed by David Lynch not only played a part in my spiritual awakening, but also contained great truths about the reality of our world and existence, you can read that here if you like. The Matrix movies really go without saying and I find this is becoming more open and blatant Project Bluebook or The Blacklist television series.. Or for something a little lighter, The Beach Boys Good Vibrations, good vibes, vibrations hmmm…..

Q’uo, when asked about where human imagination and ideas originate from, stated that a lot of human thought form are remnants or memories of a previous octave or creation..Could this be where all creative output originates from? Ideas and concepts that we believe stems from our imaginations are in fact fragments from a previous universe or transmitted to us by thought from more highly evolved entities?

Could most of our great works of fiction or genres such as fantasy, sci-fi  or even horror have actually transpired at one time? Even more grounded fiction such as romance or crime,  completely fictional works to the author may have their origins in an alternative reality or as stated, a previous creation.

This may sound far fetched, but open your mind to the possibility and consider if the grand maker is Infinite and omnipotent, and that there may have been creations before this one, then is it not plausible if not probable? One thing I’ve found to be true in my own quest for spiritual knowledge and truth seeking, is that a lot of the time the answers to your questions are already there, right in front of your nose, you just haven’t noticed them or been looking for them before!

Anyway to kick off this series, I will be presenting the M83 music video trilogy. A trio of music videos about children with extraordinary abilities or ESP abilities followed by by a few more examples that resonate with me, in the meantime Stay tuned folks!

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