A Meditative Experience 27/07/21

Self actualization.
Self realization.
To see beyond the physical shell you now occupy.
To perceive and recognize your cosmic nature.
To understand how perfect you actually are. Light filled, vast, magnificent, wondrous, opulent, godlike.

To be in harmony with all things, to recognize that all things are equal and one.
The lower self and the higher self are in balance.
Surrounded by symbols and geometric shapes.
To radiate light, brighter and truer than a thousand suns.

To have healing white light, strip away your impurities, imperfections, limitations, successive shells of clay and other false outer shells until the inner, true core of your being is uncovered and brought forth.

To feel bliss and love, too never want this perfect, unified state of consciousness to end, knowing that it must, but desiring to bring as much of that state into the physical world into which you must return.

To keep that connection, that link, that line open when encountering and traversing the chaos and low vibrations of the world of material and matter.

This my friends is the challenge that lays before you. This is mantle and standard or banner you must take up if you want to do great work in consciousness. To bring more of your true nature into the incarnation that you have chosen in this lifetime. To see beyond and get glimpses not only of the 4th, but the higher vibratory dimensions beyond….

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