Overcoming Negative Thinking

There’s a well tried and tested technique for stopping negative thought patterns. Thoughts that cause unwanted feelings of doubt, insecurity, anger, fear or guilt. Negative thinking patterns can lead you so far down a train of thought that you end up wondering how you got there.

The imagery that you imagine in your mind can vary, but the technique is basically the same. It’s all revolves stopping negative thoughts before they take root in your mind. The reason why it’s practiced this way is that fighting against or reasoning with negative thoughts is a lot like Shadow boxing. You’ll end up the loser as you can’t beat your Shadow into submission!

and the winner is…

So you would start by imaging yourself cocooned within a protective bubble or circle of white light. The complexity or simplicity of this image is down to you and your perception of what constitutes protection and safety. As soon as a negative thought enters your mind, you immediately stop it and examine it. I always imagined these as a tadpole shaped thing entering my circle.

Psychic Protection

Once you’ve stopped and held the imagined thought, you can ask a few questions. One, does this thought benefit my health? Two, does this thought benefit my finances? Three, does this thought serve me in any way at all? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you must ask yourself how it benefits you; until you come to a conclusion that it either is of benefit to you; (in which case it isn’t negative), or really isn’t of benefit then repeat the process again.

If your answer is no to all of these questions, then you must immediately discard or destroy the held thought. This thought does not return again in that format. So now you’ve blocked one thought you apply the same technique for all other negative thoughts that enter your mind. Pretty soon you find that you have a clear mind, free of negative thoughts.

A clear mind.

Amazing right? This technique isn’t limited to a circle of white light. It can be anything you can imagine. You can be in your perfect garden pulling out weeds. You could be at your desk scrumpling up useless paper and putting it in the trash or to use a very modern analogy, swipe left! Every time!

But sometimes, even this technique doesn’t cut the mustard. Sometimes, negative thought patterns are so insidious, so cunning and overwhelming; that you can’t even concentrate long enough to attempt this technique. Fear takes a hold upon you, and suddenly you’re in survival mode. It’s fight or flight and since you can’t fight your own thoughts, you take flight. Running away in your mind; those thoughts that make you feel bad, fearful, anguished even.

Now the fortress walls of your mind have been breached and there’s no other avenue of action other then escape. Escape from the thought processes they can seek to drown you in a ocean of negativity! The black, icey waves that try to suck you under; the ever encroaching darkness that threatens to catch up and overtake you!

Sound familiar? This was me too. But then I was the beneficiary of some Spiritual advice! Instead of running away from your negative thought patterns, instead of trying to block out negative thoughts, turn your mind completely on it’s head and embrace these thoughts. ‘Whatttt?’ you say, yeah that’s right, I said EMBRACE them!. Don’t push them away, pull them towards you.! As a matter of fact, grab then and lock arms around them and don’t let them go.

embrace your dark side.

Who’s got control of who now! Now who’s trying to escape? Visualize the scenario in your mind, you with your vice like grip, determined, assured, radiating light and positivity. Your alter-ego negative self gasping for breath, desperate to break free. How does make you feel ? Good? confident? Powerful even? Perhaps just a little bit? Then keep on visualising it and add your own ideas!

Let’s take it a little further. Imagine you are in a cosy, warm inviting house or cottage. For me its a country cottage, with a old stove and open fire, plates on the walls, table made up in the centre of the room. It can be whatever YOU want. Suddenly, the door is open, There a gale lashing outside, the wind is howling and it’s very cold. There in the doorway stands your negative thoughts, your negative alter-ego. It threatens to ruin the harmony of the idealic place you’ve created. It’s dripping wet, pale and disheveled.

Negativitie at your door

But before it can infect your safe place, you pre-empt it. You immediately grab it and usher it in. “Goodness”, you say, “come on in, you must be freezing out there!” Visualize yourself, grabbing your alter-ego and with one hand on it’s back, pushing it in from the open doorway. Know that your alter-ego, wasn’t expecting that! As it’s part of you, then of course your going to know what It’s thinking.

“Come on in and sit down by the fire.” You say. “Put this blanket around your shoulders in case you get an infection.” You tell it. Well your negative self, is properly stunned, it doesn’t quite know how to respond to this turn around of events. “Let me get you something warm to drink.” You say. In an attempt to regain control of your internal thought processes, your negative self attempts to speak.

But immediately you put a finger to their lips and shush it! “No, we won’t have any talk from you.” You tell it. Even any attempt to utter a word is foiled by you! You return with a pot of tea or coffee and two cups which you set upon the table and fill up. You and your negative alter-ego sit at opposite ends of the table. “Now,” you say, “what is it that your want to talk about?” Your negative alter-ego by this point, is so befuddled and overwhelmed by positivity and kindness, by your positive self, that it has lost the momentum and energy it once had. It looks completely ridiculous sitting on a chair with a cup of tea in front of it and a blanket over its shoulders.

Any attempt to pollute to your safe place with words and thoughts of negativity are immediately quelled by your positive self, such is the ascendancy of it. Keep on with this technique adding to it or changing it, to what works for you, and to your satisfaction. The point is, this just like a fire, you don’t give negative thoughts a chance to breathe, for Just like a fire, once they get a foothold, they quickly consume everything around them if left unchecked!

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