Love is the answer

**inspired by the tagline ~ Love is the answer ~ for Amber @ Dios-Raw ❤️**

If love is the answer, then what is the question?

The question is, what is the answer to EVERYTHING??

A simple question with a simple answer. But within that simple question and within that simple answer lies the universe.

To fall into this answer to everything is to fall into creation itself. To experience and begin to understand the unquenchable, unfathomable, inescapable multi-faceted and multi-dimensional concept that is love.

To begin to understand that ‘love’ is the answer, is to lose oneself of personal identity and concept of I, not once, not twice but countless billions of times. To be stripped and shredded of ego, to be hung, drawn and metaphysicaly quartered.

The path back to the shell that once stood on the threshold of the answer to the question, lost forever, tracks erased, doors closed, ID discombobulated. 

Naked and vulnerable, poked and prodded, cajoled. A modicum of decency the self tries to obtain. Whilst love searches and seeks out an opening for a point of entry.

Tired, so, so tired of manning the fort, keeping the barriers in place, how long have I been doing this? Days, weeks, months, years? Resistance crumbling, inevitability perched  nearby like an eager vulture. You. Finally. Cede.





And so it does. And the self views the self as love engulfs and enfolds and dazzles and lights up, a vertible dynamo.

Colour, light, movement, shape, vibration, fractals, geometric patterns all interweaving and impressing upon each other, layer upon layer, the next more intricate than the previous, each a universe of its own..

Time becomes a distant fading memory, direction non existent in this altered state of spacial awareness. How to navigate this… place? Where is ‘here?’ Who am I? Am I even a thing, or am I just a thought form generated by this force I have called love?

Follow your heart, let this be your guide.” Comes a voice, another thought that may or may not be me. But it feels right and so I do it. The mind becomes the heart and the heart becomes the mind, and a vortex of light beyond beauty opens in the fabric of this reality.

The heart leads the essence of I, direction-less, only on intuition, on resonance. And as this great porthole of light begins to radiate though my essence, clarity beckons, confusion melts away. The self begins to recognize the self, and the self is love.

Love increases, love expands, love illuminates as the outer lip of the manifested portal draws near. I am an entity, I am a being, I have an individuated consciousness. But I am also part of this weave of unity we call love. This understanding, this shining clarity, this vastly profound state of awareness, it cannot be expressed in mere words, it needs to be experienced.

It grows and this love keeps pace with it, until one stands transformed at the epicenter of this portal of blinding light in a state of edifying bliss and ecstasy that perpetuates continuously.

At the very apex of this experience, you merge at the event horizon and there is darkness and solidity and matter and material. You open your eyes, not as the neophyte who asked the question, but as the adept who understands that: Love Is The Answer…


One thought on “Love is the answer

  1. I love the new layout of your writing. Your writing gets better and better each time. So much hard work and passion. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, knowledge and experience. It takes time and courage. Lots of love to you.

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