Future Events June 2021

As the seasons change and the days turn, the eye and mind of The Zenith are cast once again to the ever encroaching singularity that is my life defining catalyst. Like a star orbiting a balck hole, it appears to meet the point of no return only to be thrown into orbit once again, circling and cycling for another period of time, ever drawn closer in its indexable gravitational pull. Each time layers of illusion are stripped away revealing previously unrecognized aspects of the self and deeper understandings about the nature of reality are gained adding to requested (all that time ago) desire for spiritual growth…

To Come on the Spirit Channel:

  • Spiritual truth hidden in pain sight via media such as, music, music videos books, television or wisdom and knowledge passed down to great thinkers, inventors and academics
  • A piece of prose or inspirational piece Entitled Love Is The Answer.
  • A strange piece of writing I’ve entitled ‘The Wandering Spirit’
  • More on the Seven Densities Of Consciousness series
  • More of the (real?) A Prayer Before Dying posts
  • The ancient art of Glamour, its use as a tool of entrapment or love spell and its lineage carried on today by the one gender.
  • Perhaps a second post on’ Faith
  • ‘New podcasts on the Role of ‘will ‘and ‘faith’ in ones life and a deeper discussion on the concept of Love , unconditional Love, the discovery of it and importance in my personal life. A discussion based on ‘Truth seeking’ in the world, so called conspiracy theories, the elite and negative entities and the importance of not giving power to them.
  • Further Podcasts expanding on spiritual opinion pieces I’ve written and perhaps personal events and experiences.
  • More pins based around powerful quotes or words of inspiration contained within some of my posts here’s an example :
  • ( I’m not great with Pinterest)

Much Light and Love – The Zenith

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