An interview with Lu Christie: Artist, Witch and Modern Day Elder.

I think this story deserves a wider audience. I can relate as know some wonderfully eccentric and interesting people!

The Life,Musings and Experiences of a Modern Witch

Before I even moved to Totnes and I was still commuting, I fell in love with a witchy house behind the nursery garden. Beautiful treasures outside and in the window; you can feel the love and warmth spilling out onto the street with a faint air of ‘get fucked’ for those not welcome. Throughout my time here I have admired it, some of my wee charges have talked to me about the witch who lives there. I’d seen her around with her wild hair, layers of skirts and a glitter of mischief in her eye. She looks like the kind witch from a children’s story, just like her house.

I knew one day, when the time was right we would connect. This enigmatic, enlightened goddess is the one and only Louise Christie.

As usual with me, that connection was started through a dog (dogs being one of my power animals…

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