(un)burdened by sex

I wanted to reblog this as I share the same sentiments and have talked along similar themes of repression and social shame in my blog and podcast. .

Windblown Wanderer

This past week I completed my 24th cycle around the sun, and with it, I feel myself truly upon the journey of my own becoming, of my own oneness with myself. This embodies many faces, many guises, and many angles: one of them being my sexuality.

I want to avoid projecting my personal insecurities about this topic (and the nude imagery of myself that is attached) by immediately going on the defensive. Even just the thought, “I’m twenty-four years old, I’m an adult, I can do whatever I want,” feels contrived, regardless of the truth of it. It sounds like the voice of an inner child who needs to be accepted, and needs to make excuses to rationalize her actions rather than just being. I no longer wish to embody that space. I can, however, acknowledge her fears and trepidations, and brush her hair from her face and tell…

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