Who needs faith when you’ve got a direct connection to your higher self and guides in the non-physical, higher dimensions or realities of existence (or spirit for short)? All those people who attend their religious place of worship blindly listening to and ceding their power to rabbis, priests iman’s etc. People who have been appointed by other people who themselves have been appointed into positions of power and authority by more people. People who are just that. People!. Sure they may have studied a lot, read scriptures, studied holy works and read theological books and essays for many years; but most have never had that connection, have never done spirit communication, have never healed. So who needs faith?

This was the conversation I was having with myself one day when out walking on a mountain top. I will fully admit that I was feeling fairly smug and full of self-importance……

Imagine my surprise when I started to receive a reply back for my team in spirit that when it finished, left me humbled…

The conversation went something like this.

Faith? you use faith every day and you don’t even realise it. Instead you completely take it for granted.

  • You have faith that you are going to wake up.
  • You have faith your alarm clock will go off.
  • You have faith that you will not choke on your morning meal and have to be hospitalized (or worse)
  • You have faith your car will start when going to work / dropping the kids off to school
  • You have faith that you will not be involved in a fatal traffic accident.
  • You have faith you will get paid for the work you do, and paid on time
  • You have faith your house isn’t going to go on fire in the middle of the night.
  • You have faith in your ability to preform spirit communication / healing etc.
  • You have faith that it’s not your own thoughts you are hearing now.
  • You have faith that that there is indeed purpose to your life.
  • You have faith that the messages you’ve recieved pertaining to your future are real and correct.
  • You have faith that in spite of your connection, that there is a god/ creator/ source.

‘So don’t ‘knock’ or frown upon or a person/s who chooses to live a life in faith.’ This obviously was a chastening experience or rebuke. It caused me to consider ‘faith’ in a whole different light. Each and every person is where they are supposed to be in their soul journey and each is seeking in their own way. Many, if not the majority express and find solace in religious institutions and texts. This is their only outlet and the extent of their spiritual growth. I may have a sense of entitlement about me, but to others, I may be a ‘mere babe in the woods‘ lacking the deeper knowledge and understanding they possibly have.

As I progress down my own spiritual or soul evolution path, and gain more clarity, insight and knowledge, it simply reveals how much I don’t understand and how much more there is to learn. Indeed what you think you know, is only ever the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and the concepts of will and faith begin to play more prominent and expanding roles in the seekers life. The path of the adept, that is those who have awakened spiritual abilities within themselves, those who walk the path of the white magician, may begin in this material, physical existence, but it is only a beginning. The real work, discipline and mastery are done in the next stage of existence, in which time and lifespan far exceed what is experienced in the third density or three dimensional existence we currently are experiencing.

So yeah, don’t dismiss or ridicule a person who has faith or lives a life In faith, as you use this concept or ‘force’ every day, one hundred times a day and never stop to give gratitude to it. This, combined with the will to lead a life base around faith are two of the most powerful concepts we have available in our human experience. I’m reminded of this quote by the Zen master Dogen:

“Before one studies Zen, mountains are mountains and waters are waters; after a first glimpse into the truth of Zen, mountains are no longer mountains and waters are no longer waters; after enlightenment, mountains are once again mountains and waters once again waters.”

― Dōgen

Faith is like this. You start to use it unconsciously, then you become aware of it on different levels, ascertain the deeper aspects of it and have this uncomfortable relationship with it, then acknowledge its existence in your life and integrate it until it may appear to the outsider, the uninitiated that their is no discernable difference between how they use and examine faith, and your understanding and usage of the same concept. Start to examine all the ways in which you use faith in your own life, understand its more than a religious concept and have gratitude for all the successful outcomes of life base on faith…

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