An Amazonian Shaman’s Cause

This is Carlos Alberto Palomino Berndt (or Alberto for short). Alberto is a Shaman in the Peruvian side of the Amazon Jungle. I met Alberto whilst staying in Otorongo Lodge, a camp in the Amazon jungle on a trip to Peru. We talked about shamanism, spirituality, Ayahuasca and many other thing during my time there. We have stayed in contact since.  Alberto works a guide in camps like these undertaking trips tourists in and around the Amazon jungle. But Alberto is in the process of building and developing his own sanctuary or Ayahuasca retreat (more on that later).  For anyone unsure of what a Shaman is, here is what Alberto has to say.

A shaman is a spiritual guide who helps and guides people to live with everything that ails them in order to find meaningful peace in life and happiness.” 

Aberto Palomino May 2021

Shamans were / are members of indigenous peoples often part of a tribe that provide healing to the community using natural herbs and remedies. Shamans are not only healers, but are also revered within a native community as they are able to access the spirit world through the use of psychedelics such as Ayahuasca. Because of these abilities, shamans are greatly sought after for advice from tribe members and people in their communities at large. Advice may be sought by individuals, families, a tribe or an entire community from the smallest of things to the largest of issues.

” A shaman is trained or chosen by the spirits of nature and it is necessary to take ayahuasca and diet the root and court plants in isolation to get to know the guardians of the forest and the spirits of defense and healing.”

Aberto Palomino May 2021

Alberto Preforming a Ceremony

Ayahuasca is a medicine, part of a scared ritual that a shaman takes in order to connect to nature and to spirit in order to receive metaphysical answers that takes effect in the physical world. It is a conscious, living thing that affects you on a physical, mental and spiritual  level, purging poisons on the same levels and clearing you of contaminants that have been impeding your emotional and physical well-being.  Ayahuasca can bring you face to face with deeply buried aspects of oneself forcing you deal with long term issues that you have shunned and shut the door on, bringing you face to face with your shadow self in this altered state and thereby promoting a more grounded, unified state of being through healing with plant medicine. As Alberto says:

“It reconnects you with your Soul and integrates it into your body. You put aside fears and negative programming, healthy physical illnesses.
You release your past
you give freedom and peace to your mind,
you open your heart deeply,
You are born again:
You reset your mind
Body and spirit”

Aberto Palomino, April 2021

You physically restore the sites where the brain receptors are when we come from a pre-addictive state.

Aberto Palomino, April 2021

Ayahuasca derives from plants that grow naturally upon the earth but consumption of it is illegal in most countries of the world. This is a medicine that can and has been proven to help cure drug, alcohol and many other types of harmful addictions.

You discover the purpose of your life.
You control your thoughts.
You improve relationships.
There is a deep cleansing organic detox.
You detoxify the pineal gland.
You develop better coping skills.
You increase self-love.
Relieve Pain.
You eliminate stress.
You find real and true answers.
You release negative thoughts and voices from your head.
You clear and clear blockages.
You stay present and connected.
You communicate with other spirit forms.

Aberto Palomino, April 2021

Here is Alberto talking about the benefits of Ayahuasca medicine.

Now Alberto, is building his own retreat, his own centre of healing so that people may come and partake in Ayahuasca medicine ceremonies. Under the guidance of a fully trained, and disciplined Shaman who understands the powerful effects this medicine can have on a perso;n and can intervene, and help anyone who may not be ready for the visions and shadows that Ayahuasca can conjure. Make no mistake about it, Ayahuasca is an extremely powerful medicine that will put anyone consuming it into an altered state of awareness, so it is critical that the right environment, right dosage and right shaman are all in place to assist in the ceremony.

Part of Alberto’s retreat

Ayahuasca or yage…. has a living spirit that teaches it and shows you through visions, it gives us three effects …”

Aberto Palomino, May 2021

The physical is the strange effect of feeling the body and the messages in your thoughts shows you all your life your mistakes and defects like a book and that feeling of vomiting the physical part is also purification of all toxins and the scanning and cleansing of the physical body ….
The psychological part is facing our fears in order to free ourselves from the anguish and stress that we suffer for many reasons.
The citric part comes with a lot of wisdom and teaches that this plant gives us and will give you a lot of understanding, we just need to be honest with ourselves and the plant respect trust and surrender to its healing powers.

Aberto Palomino, May 2021

So when reading and understand this, one can see how different it is from the approach of western medicine, with it’s pills for every ailment in conjunction with the many side effects that have to be endured. Once Alberto’s retreat is ready, he will be able to treat and heal up to 20 to 25 people at a time over a period over 10 to 14 days. Unfortunately Ayahuasca is now a big commodity within the drugs trade, with unscrupulous people harvesting the plants required and passing them of as a recreational drug or a simple hallucinogenic. It makes it harder to obtain the necessary plants for native shamans, and a lot more expensive if they have to purchase them. This misuse of the Ayahuasca brew has caused a lot of mental problems and even deaths due to untrained practitioners and bogus shamans.

To combat this and other western problems, Alberto and other shamans have made the step of taking Ayahuasca out to the western world and conducting ceremonies in private.  Ayahuasca or the plants that make the brew are illegal in most countries, the official line is that it DMT is a known psychoactive substance and therefore a class 1 drug (see here and here for county list), but perhaps the real reason is that it threatens the interests of Big Pharma whose only interest is in keeping you sick and therefore dependant upon their medication….  See APLJourneys to see interviews with Alberto in Portugal.

It should also be noted that Shamanism is a spiritual practise that is growing in first world  or developed countries as more and more people seek to reconnect with the spirit world through the natural world, although be sure to find a fully trained shaman if seeking out the service of one. I myself have made use of one of the many services a western shaman can provide. For more information about the nature of Ayahuasca, here is a website that provides a number of free documentaries on the Subject.

Due to the impact of COVID, Alberto has not been able to obtain much funding for the construction of his retreat so he has reached out to me and perhaps a few others for help. I have, and will be donating whatever funds I can on an ongoing basis and hopefully setting up a donation page for Alberto. In the meantime I have collected all the videos Alberto has sent me on put them on my YouTube channel. This channel was for future use for videos of my own, but in order to help Alberto, I will be making it public now.

You can connect with Alberto personally on his Facebook account with the link below…

Finally here is an healing ikaros Alberto sings to his patients when he is treating them. ikaro can take many years to learn as they are passed down orally and can be quite complex.

As Alberto is unfamiliar or not ‘tech savvy’, he is limited to what he can do, so currently he has no PayPal or similar account for sending donations, I am looking at ways for creating a donation p atage that would link directly to his bank account in Peru and will update this post once successful. One room or house for each patient to stay in costs around $3,000. another $3,000 is needed for the large shared space and then toilets need to be constructed. In total Alberto believes a fully finished retreat with the space and facilities to treat and heal up to twenty five people will cost around $30,000. It i a lot of money needed for the raw materials and the transportation and specialist help. One advantage Alberto has is people in the local community willing to help with construction so will be able to rely on the charity of these people….

If you would like to donate to Albertos cause, then in he meantime, here are his bank details:

Alberto Palomino berndt, [16.01.21 17:35]
Thank you hermano for helping my project.
For me it would be a privilege to also be able to contribute with you with my knowledge and my traditional medicine with the diet of root and stick plants and the ayahuasca ceremony.

Carlos Alberto Palomino Berndt 
Western union bank
My details
Carlos Alberto Palomino Berndt
ID 05363872
Iquitos peru
God bless you hermano


you can donate to Alberto’s paypal account at:

***Update 18/05/21***

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  1. Hello dear friends this is Alberto palomino shaman from the amazon, I want to thank the people who would like to support my project in the construction of an ayahuasca center retreat to help many people who need my help from my traditional medicine. my town is very remote and poor and I do not have money for the construction of my Healing Center. I started the construction but the need and the worry of not being able to continue what I started and losing everything worries me. I will be very grateful if someone could support me with the construction and thus be able to help my people and many people. thank you too my friend for helping me. technology here in the amazon we need many things many blessings.

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