Self Love And Forgiveness

The greatest act of love & the greatest act of forgiveness is when you can look in the mirror and forgive and love those shortcomings, those apparent flaws of the self and realise that in the eyes of the creator, you are perfect, you are exactly where and how you need to be. You are a spark, a piece of divinity living out a human life and this is how it’s meant to be, flawed, imperfect, subject to human traits, influenced by a human environment and society that knows no better itself. So why would you feel bad and guilty about being you, when your creator willed it this way?

Creating free will so that each of its creations may have a unique experience, is like a wise teacher or guardian, gathering a lot of nursery or kindergarten age children and letting them in a room full of toys and simply sitting back and watching the beautiful manifested chaos and unconformity transpire.

Yes there will be tears and tantrums, perhaps one child may hurt another child in a way, but the wise teacher/ guardian does not stop loving any of the children, for this was the plan, to have this unscripted, natural interaction occur, and what may seem as harmful actions are to be expected, they are children after all.

No, it’s our society and religions with their misguided moralising that have us believing that this state of being is somehow wrong, needs to be condemned, salvation may only come through a middleman in a religious organization, that have us turning against our own thoughts, trying to suppress that shadow side instead of bringing it to the fore, learning from it and integrating it.

The same judgemental society that takes to social and national media and demands that someone apologises, pays with their job or career and grovels unreservedly at head of the mob baying for blood, for the slightest misstep or expression of opinion that does not conform to the values and virtues of modern society!

And yet how many of these moralists would stand ready to be judged before their peers and pass the holier then thou litmus test that they so demand of others? It’s no wonder that so many in our societies have neuroses, we have tied ourselves in convoluted knots! And yet how did we get here? When did this judgemental society begin? Were we always like this? How when the original plan was so simple, so clear and unrefined. ‘ Go my children and have a unique experience and report back to me.’

As the wise Buddah said:

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”

The Buddha

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