In a big step for me, I’ve decided to move into podcasting. Anyone who follows this site, will know that there are very, very few details about myself recorded on this blog. So revealing a large part of myself through the medium (excuse the pun) of podcasting is big for me. In writing posts I sometimes look at others do and wonder if I should write shorter pieces, a few lines of inspired messages, some photos or pictures that have inspired me of of real locations. Maybe even links to quotes or alternative media sites.

But then I realise that that is not me, that is not how I write or post. I have to stay to true to who I am and the advice and inspiration I receive and wish to make public. But I realise the limitations of a written piece. Not everyone reads or is willing to read a long piece or has the time to sit at a screen for that long and others prefer to listen on the move ( I download and listen to lots of podcasts and videos when I’m in my day to day). So to cater to this audience, and to be able to expand and dive deeper on some of the topics discussed here, I’m creating podcasts. Whew! I’ve said it. It almost feels like a ‘coming out for me’, as you may be surprised to hear, I’ve quite nervous and anxious about how it will be received.

But with that being said, I hope you’ll join me on my journey as you’ve joined me here. It’s still in the development stage, I’m trying to work out different aspects of it so please be patient while I get the flow of it. Ultimately I’ve received advice from those in the non-physical that I should start creating videos, but this is a halfway point, until I feel ready to ready to move in that direction.

Links to Spotify and the RSS feed are in the main menu, further links to other sites are on my Anchor main page. Thanks all for reading and following, My love and gratitude are forever yours – The Zenith

2 thoughts on “Podcasting

    1. It’s a little daunting revealing yourself, but I’m creating media to share and help others, so if it’s my path, then it’s my path. Thank-you for the kind words & support, it means a lot 💕


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