Words Of Destiny 2

So as we join together
We move in harmony
With the Universe around us
The Sun, the Stars, the Sea.

So keep your heart wide open
That you can feel the Fire
And the others that surround you,

And now you are awakened
I can see this in your face
And the Light that shines within you
Shows you have be touched by GRACE

Our love it is complete
Our love it is a kiss
Our love is all empowering
Our love, our love is BLISS

Yes! I am now awake. In more ways than one.
I know the Great Spirit has touched me.
I know who I am
I know my life’s purpose

By Lynda McCourt 2013

During a dream on wednesday night 30th October 2013 when I was very ill and my mother appeared to me in a dream saying she was there to collect me.Incidently/coincidentally, I informed her that no one could use the washing machine. She replied “For goodness sake, I’ll come back another time! I woke up and I heard these “words” . Lynda

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