A Prayer 20/05/21

In guiding light, higher purpose and Providence we put our trust.
May those who guide, nurture and watch over be near evermore.

We who live a life in the will and the  faith of spirit and our creator.
Guide us.
We whose honour / duty it is to offer healing to our fellow compatriots.
Use us.
We who set the example and have offered ourselves in a life of service. Instruct us.

We ask for clarity and grace at this time, stillness of heart and calmness of mind. The great work and the divine plan is in motion and we offer ourselves as conduits through which healing light might enter the physical world. May each and all come to know the divine wisdom and eternal love in their own way and draw comfort from this truth.

May each and all realise that there is no mountain of mind too high to overcome, no body of water so deep to flounder in, no desert of spiritual awareness so arid that the light of healing cannot assist with.

We invoke your name which is always and ever, love/ light and light/ love.

*image: thespirituniversity.com/

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