An Amazonian Shaman’s Cause (fundraiser)

An Amazonian Shaman’s Cause

Source: An Amazonian Shaman’s Cause

Update 9/6/21 – more videos uploaded to my YouTube channel with more to come.


Update 23/6/21 – More videos of the construction of Alberto’s retreat uploaded and a few videos showing a Kambô purge taking place.

Update 09/02/21 – Alberto has sent me more videos and pictures of the ongoing construction of his retreat. I have also created a slideshow of all the images he has sent. The are also a few videos that I forgot to include initially.

*** Please consider donating. If everyone reading this donated 1 £/$ etc, this project would be well underway by now. There is no risk in donating this small amount and as seen updates to this project are notified. Also Don’t forget you can contact Alberto directly via his facebook page.

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