Seeking 11 [14/05/21]

Think you have no love? You have not felt love?  That there is no love in your life? Love is omnipresent.

Love is there in the corner of your eye. Love is there when you close your eyes at night. Love is there in the whistling of the wind. Love is there right upon your back. Love is there when you cook and eat a meal. Love is there in the flowers and trees.  Birds in the springtime chirp out a song of love

Think you know love? Think you love is between two people? That love is between a family? That love is for a team or social group?

Think you love is for the friend or neighbor? That love is for the green grass of nature, or for the animals that dwell within it? Even think you love is to be felt for the human race itself?

Friends all these are good examples of love, but I tell you that love is beyond this again. Love my friends is a power, a force, the underlying building block of creation itself. Without love, there would be no universe, no planet earth that you now walk upon, there would be no concept of you, the you who now reads these words. Indeed the concept of love is beyond the expression of verbalisation itself, beyond the limited word that humans have named it. Love is all around, in the very air and ether, expressed in the physicality as light.

This love is a force and a power that can be harnessed and utilized, it is the Logos, the divine will of the creator made manifest. Those who seek the path of love, seek the path of the ancients and masters before us.

Can you follow me? Can you follow me along this path, as I follow the Christed one? The Thrice Greatest One? The Enlightened one? Think you disciplined enough to travel this path? Say thou are ready to receive the keys to unlock the door that leads to the path? Then I say too you two things.

One. Balance must be sought in those that are opposites and most especially in those sacred divine energies. Each must be integrated and the seeking entity must be made whole again. This is the law of gender as told within the kybalion.

Two. The heart must be worked upon, hammered, beaten, chipped until each facet is revealed showing its true diamond nature. It must be opened and laid bare surrendering oneself to the great unknown, living only in faith that your path is true.

This is the true Law of Attraction to offer love in all its glory so that one may receive this love magnified many times over.

This is the work of the alchemist, the true transmutation of base lead into gold. But in truth there is only one law and that is the Law Of The One, all other laws are reflections of this law.

Heed my words ye who would seek this path, many are they who will ridicule you, many are there who will seek ye to conjure ‘proof’ of your path. And many are there who will attempt to lead you astray by offering you well worn, easier paths that may seem to provide a clearer route.

But my friends these paths may be seen to be branches upon the Tree of Life, some may be thicker, some more substantial than others, and if you find that you have deviated somehow onto one of those branches, somehow become misguided in your seeking, then simply return to the beginning, start afresh, remember what worked before.

I leave you with this knowledge and a hope that you will join me at my side as I continue my journey along the same path that you now tread upon. For I am the light and I am the way and both you and I are one with the father.


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