The Moment Contains Love

“The moment contains love.”

The moment contains love in that pause between breaths.

The moment contains love in the stride with each footstep.

The moment contains love in that clear space between thoughts.

The moment contains love in the rest between actions.

The moment contains love in the wafting passing of a bees buzz.

The moment contains love in hazy sunshine dappled across ones face.

The moment contains love in the honk of car horn by way of a thank-you.

The moment contains love in the smile of a strangers face.

The moment contains love in the gurgle of an infants laugh.

The moment contains love in the beat of every heart .

‘The first attempt is the Cornerstone. Upon this choosing rests the remainder of the life-experience of an entity.’

This is the foundation upon which all seeking is based upon. It is the safety net when the seeking of love becomes retarded. It provides the springboard to relaunch when we find our efforts become half-hearted. It becomes the straight arrow from which the intentions of life are launched.

‘The second seeking of love within the moment begins the addition.’

Seeking love once more after faltering, we to our surprise, find not that we restart at the beginning once more, but being empowered by the cornerstone our efforts are redoubled. We are further down the path of finding love in the moment than we realize.. we begin the addition.

‘The third seeking powers the second, the fourth powering or doubling the third.’

We stumble on in our quest to find this elusive Love In The Moment, unsure if the quest is fruitless. But, in the background, behind the scenes, each attempt at finding love is magnified and doubled until what what once began as a gentle wave ebbing and flowing against the landscape of love, has now surged into a tsunami of seeking and searching of love in the moment.

Seeking love in the moment is like finding an oasis in a arid and unchangeable desert. Love and beauty are in abundance and the traveller has found a piece of paradise. But onwards they must go searching for the next oasis.

Sometimes the search for the next oasis, the next discovery of love in the moment can take so long, the path so fraught with barrenness that the previous oasis can seem akin to a mirage. Just when the seeker falters, miraculously the next oasis of finding love in the moment reveals itself.

From above these oasis’s may be compared to a dot on a blank map. The space between dots, is the time/ distance that the seeker spends between the discovery of love contained in the moment. Upon each revelation, these dots or oasis’s become more frequent; the time spent lessens and the moment contains love becomes all too apparent until at any given moment, you may pause and find love everywhere in any situation.

As with the previous type of empowerment, there will be some loss of power due to flaws within the seeking in the distortion of insincerity. However, the conscious statement of self to self of the desire to seek love is so central an act of will that, as before, the loss of power due to this friction is inconsequential.

The most magical thing perhaps in seeking love in the moment, is that it will be insincere at times, it will not be whole hearted, it will falter and dry up…. and yet……. none of that matters!!! Read that back, NONE of that matters!!!! For so powerful, so universal, so unquenchab(ly) beautific an act, to seek love in any and every moment, that the very intention never mind that actual discovery of love in a moment; overrides any misgivings for any reason by the seeker.

This fact alone should spur anyone reading this to consciously start down the path. This is the path of the adept, the path of the magician, for magic may be defined as ‘changes in consciousness at will [1]; and once one starts to seek and wield love, then one is truly a magician for the effect of the changes of consciousness in both themselves and others drawn to this explosion of the primal energy of love.

“The Moment contains love.”

Ra, The Law Of One 10.14

[1] Q’uo – oct 2009

Thanks to Monica of lightofastrology for inspiring my own take on this. Love and Light always.

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