What Is A Spiritual Awakening? (2021)

You may have heard of this, may have heard of people referring to this, but what exactly is a spiritual awakening? It’s this the same as being woke or a woke person? This term that’s in vogue now that seems a section of society uses to describe themselves?

No it is not! One is used to describe someone who is aware, or believes that are aware of social injustices, racism, gender issues etc, whilst the other is becoming awakened to the knowledge or awareness of nonphysical presences under the umbrella term of spirit or spirits and experiencing things outside of the normal five senses, sometimes known as ESP ( Extra Sensory Perception)

Some people are aware of these spirits or experience ESP for most of their lives whilst others are ‘taken off the shelf’ at some point during their lives and given a wake up call. There is no ‘better’ way no ’faster’ way to awaken, the only assurance is that this awakening process will continue throughout your life. You may have been a ‘Sleeper‘ but have a more rapid development or awareness than someone who’s experienced spiritual events most of their lives.

I’m far from an expert on this, I don’t believe many people are, there is no handbook, no hard and fast rules to go by. Everybody’s awakening is different and everyone will experience different things, although most people will be able to relate to other people’s experiences.

Most people are in fact spiritually aware or have some form of ESP to some degree and have latent heightened senses but don’t even realize it. How to tell? Here’s a simple list of things people don’t relate to spiritual events.

This is not an exhaustive list, just more to give you an indication. But for those who have actually been awakened, how does it happen. Well in a variety of ways. Some people undergo a traumatic event that shocks them to the core, some people are overcome by feelings of bliss, ecstasy or unconditional love. Others may experience a more gradual awakening, but coming into contact with people who have spiritual abilities like Psychics or Mediums can greatly aid in this process.

People who undergo this process stay to feel their life transformed in many ways. Things that once interested them start to fall away like:

This can also be true of family and friends. This may deemed as the shallower, more mundane side of life. Accompanying this is generally a thirst for knowledge for spiritually oriented information. The flipside to all this is the gaining of new insights, clarities, feelings and senses. You may begin experience the following:

Again this list is not exhaustive, its simply to give anyone reading this pointers as to what they might encounter when undergoing transformation such as this. A lot of visual perceptions can be attributed to a higher perception of more of the Visible Spectrum Of Light,. But that is only part of the answer, what actually happens when undergoing an spiritual awakening is an evolving or expanded, permanent state of consciousness, you become one step (at a time) closer to the source of all things.

If all this sounds amazing and fantastic then yes it is, and in the beginning, you’ll want more and more experiences and visions etc, you’ll be so impatient and so eager that you’ll end up ‘blowing fuses‘ in your mind and tying yourself in mental knots by overthinking things and trying to attain more spiritual growth than you currently have. You’ll more than likely try to ‘quit’ the process and announce that you’re done! Finished with it altogether! But…. you won’t be, it might take a few days, weeks even, but inexorably you’ll restart again and to your surprise you’ll feel the better for it. You see a spiritual awakening does not proceed according to your timeframe, not when YOU think YOU’RE ready; it proceeds along at its own pace and when those who guide you, who know you better than you know yourself, including the Higher self that has been you, knows when you are ready!

Brain Overload

A lot of this is trust and faith, you may have massive doubts about most of what you are experiencing at first, it can take a while before you really start to believe in the enhanced reality that you now perceive. This is natural as the world we live in, and the state of consciousness that dominates the human experience tells us, that science is our god and non-physical phenomena is to be dismissed. This is reinforced by our mainstream media who rarely report on such events and if they do, its with condescendence. Thankfully attitudes are slowly changing, science is beginning to understand the real importance of the non-physical universe and we have plenty of alternative media websites to report on this.

One group who has taken ESP and spiritual abilities seriously are the worlds intelligence agencies, they’ve long conducted research into this phenomena attempting to manipulate it for their own ends. There are many articles and videos on the web discussing this and of course you can also look at declassified documents on these agencies websites if you so wish.

In closing, it should be asked, what is it exactly you wish to achieve with your spiritual development, what’s your goal or the final outcome you’d like to see happen? If its simply to brag to show off or to have cool experiences, then you’ll probably not get very far along the part. But if your ultimate aim is to be in service to other people by helping them understand of a life and reality beyond the limited reality which we have been taught to believe in; then with the right training and guidance you could develop into a psychic, a medium, a healer. Or go out into the world as an inspirational speaker, a councilor, or a doctor or surgeon or a teacher. There are many different ways in which you many use your developing gifts to serve, it all doesn’t have to involve the flashier or more well known spiritual side of things.

A final piece of advice though is that great growth or development almost always comes with sacrifice and personal pain or hardship. A spiritual awakening isn’t a bed of roses and many Dark Nights Of The Soul may have to be endured, where you need lots of time alone to undergo transformation that occurs due to this. This is to help you wake up and detach from this physical world and make the inner world more tangible and accessible and in turn will enable you to help others along in their journey. The most important tools in all of this are meditation and contemplation. Meditation to help you connect with your spirit team and source more closely and contemplation to provide focus to events you experience.

Thank you for reading this far, I hope it is of some benefit to the reader, feel free to comment to ask a question on this or anything you feel I may have missed.

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