On the outside looking in. Or a stanger in a strange land.

How many people reading this feel like an outsider in Life? How many people reading this feel, that despite their best efforts, they just don’t seem to quite fit in with society? How many people have felt like this their whole lives, or perhaps have buried this feeling deep within themselves in an attempt to appear normal? Not wanting to appear different or odd around classmates, work colleagues, friends or family even; you attempt to blend in or behave in a manner that you think is socially acceptable. This may be a pattern that has or is currently your life to now.

You may have done all that normal everyday people do, grow up, go to college, get a job, get married or have a partner/s watch sports or have a hobby or perhaps follow some entertainment program on the television; and you talk about these things to your respective classmates or work colleagues and partners. This is your day generally and by and large this is how most of your days go, nothing wrong with that is there? No of course not, but perhaps somewhere deep inside of you, there’s this nagging feeling of unease with the world, that something is not quite right. You cannot put your finger on it, and you should have no reason to feel this way as your life is pretty ok, but still, you wonder, ‘is this it? Is this all there is to life? If so, why do I feel like I’m missing something, like I’m incomplete?’

The illusion of this life and this life only!

Perhaps this isn’t your life, perhaps, your life is radically different, perhaps you’re an extreme sports enthusiast or an athlete, perhaps you are in a band or are a solo singer. Maybe you run a busy business or perhaps have a successful blog or video channel or some other social media site that occupies most of your time. This may keep you busy and provide a great deal of satisfaction whilst doing it, but in the down time, when you’re alone and have time to think and be alone with your thoughts, that nagging feeling pops up and its a source of frustration as you can’t get to the bottom of it, no answers are forthcoming!

Because of the nature of the world, and the level of societal consciousness within a large proportion of it, we don’t openly communicate and discuss feelings like this. If we do perhaps open up to someone close to us, someone we can confide in, then the reaction may vary of one of incredulous, exasperation, chastisement; perhaps even the fear of ridicule keeps us from even verbalizing these feelings to anyone. The ironic thing is, that you are not alone in having feelings and thoughts like this, there are many many other people who feel the same way. Perhaps millions of people. You struggle to make sense of this world because you are not of this world, this vibration, this limiting state of consciousness.

If you are reading this then I would guess that you’ve always had a strong sense for helping others, those less fortunate than yourself, always willing to lend a hand perhaps even at the expense of yourself. You may feel more in tune with nature, the natural world than in a built up city or in a crowd of people. You’ve probably had a strong curiosity or an overactive imagination, perhaps you’ve been labeled a ‘day dreamer’ wondering about magic, fairies and unicorns or perhaps you had a keen interest in extraterrestrial life. You may have had an uneasy childhood or a difficult upbringing; have had a number of ‘colorful or traumatic experiences’ that have shaped your moral compass and left you feeling detached from this world. Finally did you feel that you had a specific purpose in life, that you had a destiny to fulfill?

More to life than what you think

If you can identify with some or most of the above statements, then you’re probably ‘not from around here boy/girl!’ The true reason for all of this is that your ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’ (which is what you really are anyway) is either evolved long past the need for a physical body and natively resides in a higher vibration of consciousness, a higher dimension or Density of light, (hence the term old soul or Wanderer as in wandering spirit); or you’ve come form elsewhere, a non-human civilization or culture, but one that is more highly evolved than humanity and have chosen to come to Earth for this incarnation. Now you may already be aware of some of this information or may be reading it for the first time, but I would ask you not to reject it out of hand if it is unfamiliar to you, simply internalize it and ask yourself, your internal guidance system, your feelings if there’s something about this that resonates with you, despite what society has led you to believe…

ET Go Home.. Not in a racist way like…

You are here for a purpose, your life and everything that has happened to you up to now has meaning. You are what’s known as a Lightworker and you are here (along with every other Lightworker) to help humanity and planet Earth itself as it undergoes a massive evolutionary shift. The two questions that spring to mind are ‘why don’t I remember any of this and what is it I’m supposed to do then?’ Well part of living the human experience is to fully become a human and that means agreeing to forget you’re true reality/ nature. But the good news is you are reading this and this can be the first step in re-remembering some of those forgotten memories. The second answer is to simply be yourself and, become more and more of yourself. You’ve have a lot to learn about yourself; but you either already have an impact on the lives of those around you, or have the potential too. The light you do / can emit naturally draws people to you and inspires them to change and grow.

You just need to ask and seek out the answers for yourself, the answers are already out there, already within you, its up to you to discover them, and what a rollercoaster of a ride it will be. I know because I’ve been on that same ride and am still queuing up for more despite how hard or scarey it can be, I know ultimately I’m not alone, I’ve got everyone else around me who’s on the ride too for support!

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