28/02/21 – signs & Portents

I’m trying to get back, back to where I was before all of this, this life……
I can feel it, sense it, just out of reach, just beyond my memories, it’s like amnesia…

This illusion of a physical life. They’re trying to get us to remember, that this life is not the truth.. it’s nothing in comparison..

How do I shatter the illusion? How do I get back there again, how do I break free? Escape?
I feel like we’re in a maze, in the dark, but I know the way “it’s this way”.

Stepping into this body from the other side of a (permeable?) Transparent energetic barrier? (Words fail me). On this side, extreme limitation. On the other, expanse, freedom, reality.

This is what has been bugging me all week. This is why I’ve been ‘off’ colour all week, depressed even.
Listening to Podcasts? Forget it. Listening to comedy? Laughter is in short supply. Listening to some energetic music? You’re fooling yourself!

Tear down the mask and stop trying to paper up the cracks. Silence is golden as the saying goes. Listen to yourself.
It’s your feelings, they’re trying to tell you something. You can’t ignore them, ‘you’ve more work to do, inner work. More to discover about yourself.

Live it, feel it, breathe it, accept it. Feel into it, these feelings, take them in your hands and examine them. Contemplation is the key!
Here be growth this way!

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