The seven Densties of consciousness PT. 4

In this post I want to wrap up Third Density by explaining a few things and expanding on a few points from the previous post.

Third Density experience is the most intensive of all Densities, originally in the days of Atlantis etc, lifespan was on average of 700 years, but as the human experience started becoming more ‘colourful’ and varied, lifespan started to decrease as third Density lessons became too intense to be learnt within one lifetime. A bit like a working day, a sport or study, you need a break!

The choice of polarity is refined at the higher Densities. Reunification with the creator is the point of soul evolution and gaining more polarity is the means of progression through each Density through either Service To Others (STO) or Service To Self (STS). Entities at higher Densities try to sway the likes of humans (higher evolved humans or those who are not Earth natives originally, more on that another time though) towards either path. Think of guides, angelics, deamons or negative Entities. Or the Angel and Devil on each shoulder.

Third Density lasts around 75,000 years. It is broken down into three cycles of 25,000 years. At the end of these cycles is what Ra calls the Harvest. This is when an entity is judged to have gained enough polarity to make the grade to the Fourth Density. If not then it must repeat another cycle. So harvest is an apt term.

Coincidentally enough (or not) 25,000 years makes up a great solar year. This is the length of time it takes for the Sun to pass through the twelve zodiacal constellations and complete a full circle. For example we are now in the age of Aquarius, therefore it will take Around 25,000 years for us to be in the age of Aquarius again. Each lasting approximately 2,150 years. This event is known as The Procession of the Equinoxes. Interestingly enough, we can find these same numbers replicated within the dimensions of the great Pyramid of Giza along with other antediluvian structures…

The third cycle in this series of cycles is deemed the master cycle. This is when the planet itself moves into 4th Density. Any person or soul not on the same frequency when this happens will have to reincarnate onto another 3rd Density planet and spend the rest of that cycle there.

When did this 75,000 year cycle start? Approximately 75,000 years ago (give or take the forty years since Ra communicated this information to the llresearch group. So it would seem that 4th Density is upon us. No-one really knows how or when this will happen. You may have heard of this being referred to as The Event, The Shift, The end times. Some say that a solar beam from the central sun in the galaxy that will hit the earth causing this to happen.

‘The Event’

Others are waiting on a planetary cataclysm that will wipe out population sparing only those 4th Density ready (this could be be either a physical cataclysm or a cataclysm of the mind). Still others will tell you that there will be, or already is, twin planet Earth’s one of which is in the 4th Density vibration. And others say that we are already at the start of 4th Density recieving beams of light from our sun providing us with ‘upgrades’, this being a gradual process.

We may look to different religious faiths that have prophesied such’ end times’ or ‘judgement day’. Certainly this shift or event or transition along with all the knowledge and prophesies concerning it should be dealt with in a separate post as it is neither the main subject matter of this post, and it would be too long to try to cram unto here.

Ra themselves have stated that the transition to a full forth Density earth will take place over a period of approximately 700 years (later approximated by Q’uo to be in the lower hundreds). They state that this is because of the retardation of the planet by its inhabitants causing an uneven transition. When we think of our society’s today, with greed, war, famine and abuse still prevelant, then it’s easy to understand why this is. In actual fact there seems to be an elite, Cabal or Illuminati hellbent on keeping it this way…..

This is resulting in an energetic buildup within the Earth causing it to be released in unpredictable Earth changes. The YouTube channel website tracks these changes every month. SOTT is an alternative news site linked to the Cassiopeian channellings.

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