Awareness and seeking of the light

First there is an awareness of light.
An understanding that light is there, available, an alternative to what one is accustomed to. It is not a great amount of light, simply enough to make one aware that there is a light. After a time, one begins to pay more attention to this light and slightly less time going about it’s business.

This light catches the eye, thoughts of this light pop into the mind disrupting the current train of thought one was entertaining. And so, eventually, through gradual process, one increasingly and unceasingly turns inexorably towards this light.

As one begins to face this light, One may begin to move in the direction of this light. Begin to travel along the path that this light has come from. The conscious decision of which, is the cognizance of greater light to behold. The understanding that concentration and contemplation may increase that amount of preceptable light.

Moving further into the light and more fully leaving behind ‘less than light’ the traveler begins to perceive a greater intensity of light which it perceives as ‘more light’. With this awareness comes a deeper perception of what this light represents. Deeper and further the entity travels, the intensification of this light becomes, and greater the perception and understanding of light and that there is a gravitation towards an unknown source.

The entity looks back upon the path traveled and no longer recognizes the beginning of the movement toward the light. Onwards and onwards it travels until the light pervades every piece of its newly manifested ethereal form. Until.. eventually.. language…no longer… comprehend….beyond….. Feelings….


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