What does it mean to be Spiritual?

The easy answer to this is that you are already Spiritual. You are an energetic Spiritual being having a human experience. No matter what you do, no matter what you believe. No matter even if you reject the entire concept of a creator/s and an existence of life after death and actively despise and feel outright malice towards any such creator; it still makes no difference at all. You are and always will be, an eternal spirit and this life you are not living is one of many lifetimes you experienced over countless millennia.

Now obviously I realise that this answer is rather unsatisfying so I’ll attempt to explain this another way. Anything that causes you to think beyond the confines of this physical shell may be deemed as being spiritual. This could be a book you are reading, a song, a painting or a vista. It could be a beautiful day in your favourite season or the love for another person or animal. Anything that makes you consider a higher purpose or existence.

There is no one path or right way to leading a spiritual life. There is no fixed dogma or creed that one has to adhere to, no holy book has to define ones beliefs and no guru or figure of authority that one must acknowledge or cede too. In fact one may not even consider themselves to be a spiritual person in order to live a spiritual life, all paths lead back to the one after all.

In saying that, they are many books, manuscripts and teachings that have been given to humankind from various spiritual entities and higher dimensional beings that suggest living a life in accordance to various spiritual principles. The Law Of One series, The Bringers Of The Dawn book and sequels and The Seth channellings. We have The Silver Birch teachings and The Seven Principles from the SNU.

We have great works given or revealed to humanity by Masters such as Moses, Jesus the Christ and the prophet Mohammed of the Abrahamic faith. Masters whom religions have been built around and whose words have been used by humans to justify wars against each other.

Bible, Koran & Torah

From the east masters such as Babaji introduced Kiri Yoga to the West through his emissary, the enlightened Yogananda. We have the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha from which Zen Buddhism evolved from. We have great works such as The Tao or Dao by the Master Lao-Tzu as a way of living. This is not to mention the teachings of Lord Krishna, revered in both the Hindu and Hare Krishna faiths and the teachings this being imparted contained within the book the Bhagavad Gita.

This is just a snapshot of some of the most influential and well known Spiritual works, and teachings, that have come to be known as religions. There are countless others including the esoteric teachings of Hermeticism condensed into The Seven Hermetic Principles in the famous book The kybalion.

Hermes /Thoth

There are as many paths in a spiritual life as there are people Spiritual ideals are to be found within music, poetry, television, novels and within nature itself. Underpinning all of this is the great message or love itself. But one wrongly equated trait with spiritualism is holiness or piousness. This is more commonly a religious trait in which evil or darkness must be purged.

True Spiritually therefore shares more in common with the Tao and it’s concept of Ying & Yang and Shamanism. In this there is the recognition that we contain both light & dark aspects and that the shadow side is not to be expelled or hidden, but to to be leant from and balanced within ourselves, for balance is the way to the spiritual progression. We truly are 360° beings.

Into that light you will take your entire universal three hundred and sixty degree self. You shall not be judged on the contents of your heart, for all have light and dark within. You shall be judged by the self on your capacity to accept an increase of light.”

Q’uo The Law Of One 05/12/96

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