The Message

I walk amongst you, unfettered, unchained. I stride beside you flesh agan flesh.

I come from a place yonder and distant.
Where life is less chaotic,
More structured and free.

The outward mobility no difference does it appear.
But inside, inward, doth the real me draw near.

Yet I take flesh, I take physical form,
limiting myself for humanity,
though my divinity never gone.

Reviled and retarded, my message distorted. Why oh why, dear father do you let me be tortured?

And yet I persevere.

For these ignorant savages know no better.
To kin and I to teach,
It ends at the Malkuth, but starts from the kether.

A GIANT beside you I may seem, but my spirit yours and yours mine.
No such thing as separation,
Forever entwined..

3 thoughts on “The Message

    1. Thanks for the reply. Yes it is original. I wrote it as it came to me over 15 mins or so. Made some slight adjustments for publishing though. Seems to provide different interpretations. 💕🙏


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