The Ascent

The quest for spiritual growth often means that a ‘Road to Damascus’ type of journey must be undertaken.

This my friends is not a physical journey and less a journey of the mind, but a journey of the spirit or soul. This type of journey, is not one in which a fast car can be used to reach the end point, it cannot be rushed as every step along the way is counted and examined.

Many are the pitfalls and many are the trials that the spiritual seeker will face in their journey, many are the mental hardships.

But these hardships are a necessary step in the path, or perhaps stones in the road.
For they bang and bruise and chip away at the personality shell, stripping and remoulding and letting more light in.

If the spiritual seeker has remained true to their goal thus far and has not become disillusioned, then they may come upon a great mountain to be surmounted. This, the true seeker understands is the greatest of challenges.

The further one scales this mountain of the mind, then the more ‘baggage’ is shedded as cumbersome and ‘unnecessary’ only weighing the seeker down.
Nearing the top, the seeker is stripped away of aught but the eternal essence of self.

Until finally, the peak or pinnacle has been reached, TheZenith is at hand. But much to the chagrin and dismay of the seeker, there is no revelation to be found here, no book of knowledge or instruction manual, nothing…

Exhausted and wearisome and with nowhere to turn, the dusty traveler sits down and looks back upon the path traveled, contemplates and meditates upon the meaning of it all. It is at this point then epiphany drops, realization dawns and revelation sinks in.

It was The JOURNEY that mattered, not the end point. It was the steps along the way with the little changes undertaken with each step. But so focused upon the end goal is the seeker that they fall to notice this. It’s only when measure is taken of themselves by stopping; then an understanding is obtained of the trans-formation undergone.

The Grendel Cycle, Matt Wagner

This new acceptance of the self causes the seeker to arise and look ahead to the peaks yet unclimbed…

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