A Healing Prayer

In the name of Divinity we humbly offer this prayer. To all guides and Angels, all higher powers, onto the creator itself, hear us!

In a divided world with strife & turmoil, ravaged by an invisible enemy,
The presence of your divine light is needed more than ever.
Send forth your healing energy that it may becalm and soothe both minds of ire and minds of fear.

May we as healers offer ourselves as receptacles of this energy so that by thought, word and deed we can do our part in healing a society, nation and planet divided.

May we offer love in all its beauty to those who experience none. To those who can feel none. And to those who spurn and reject it, may we find the compassion to love these most of all.

May this healing love spread far across the face of the Earth, igniting and renewing the dreary, destitute and despairing.
May it heal wounds inflicted upon both animal & plant kingdoms unto the elements and soul of Gaia herself.
Let us recognize that the greatest healing, is that of love itself.


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